Monthly Archives: March 2012

Look what the Ostrich dragged-in…

Did you know the Ostrich is the largest living bird to lay the largest living eggs? You know me…go BIG, or go home. Sooooo….after acquiring these big, beautiful eggs, I felt inspired to create…a seasonal message for all to enjoy! A special thank you to my friend Cindy. Her sister-in-law owns an Ostrich farm in […]

Jelly Bean Tabletop Centerpiece

WOW your family and friends with this EASY DIY Centerpiece! Here is what you will need: 1. Tall glass cylinder 2. Branch, spray painted white 3. Internal poster-board cylinder. I created it by eyeballing the size I would need! I rolled up a piece of poster board and measured the diameter I would need by […]

Just Be…Yourself

You can’t go wrong. Just be yourself. “Yourself” will never fail you or make you feel uncomfortable. When you are yourself, others will meet you where you’re at. You are marvelous, glorious, important and special. You are a library. You are the only “you” in the entire universe. Embrace it! You can’t go wrong…just be […]

Frosted…Strawberry Lemonade with Mint

Today is Sunday. The weather is beautiful. My neighbors are cutting their lawns. I am barefoot. I wish I had a porch swing…and a harmonica…and a glass of lemonade! A glass of lemonade can be extraordinary if you doctor-it-up a little. Here’s what I did… I whipped up a pitcher of Country Time Strawberry Lemonade. […]

Hunger Games

Last night was the premiere of the film, “The Hunger Games”…at midnight!!! Everyone around here has read the book and fell under the spell of severe anticipation for the film. The outcome? Well, everyone LOVED it…not one person within our group was disappointed. Personally, I was initially freaked-out by the child on child “fight to […]

Meet Sara…and her Revolution

Meet Sara…she will inspire you. I believe that people enter your life for a reason. Sara came into my life this past fall. I hired her to join our team, as an intern. She is a college freshman. Immediately I was impressed with her talent and strong work ethic. Day-in and day-out she comes to […]

Let’s Get Frosty and Make your own CHALKBOARD Paint

Did you know you can make your own custom colored chalkboard paint? Oh boy! My intern, Sara told me all about it. I did some research and learned how to do it from Martha Stewart. I liked her approach…however, you know me, I wanted to try a little something different. Latex paint and acrylic paint […]

Breakfast of Voters…

In a hurry this morning because you are headed out to the Polling Place? Do you need a fast and healthy breakfast? Well, here is a magically delicious idea. Irish Oatmeal ala Frosty! (Mc Cann’s steel cut Irish Oatmeal is my “fave”…LOVE it!) 1. Make it cute and Americana…put it in a Mason jar! 2. […]

Primary colors…

Tomorrow is the Primary Election. I hope you will head-out to the polls and exercise your right as an American to vote. Recently, my college intern expressed how discouraged she was from voting. Yikes! I gave her a few reasons why voting is so important. Perhaps you have some more reasons we could add to […]

Happy St. Patty’s Day

O’Frosty Frock

Stay Frosty!

When I was 14, my best friend was the neighborhood paperboy. We rode the bus to school everyday. He was cool…raced dirt bikes, played the drums and loved the band “Van Halen”. He taught me about their music. Subsequently, I fell in love with Van Halen. (I like to think of them as my first […]

Happy PI Day…

Let’s get Frosted! Today is 3.14 which is PI, the never ending number. It is also Einstein’s Birthday. So in honor of PI (and Albert) I will bake a PIE, share a pie, and eat a pie!!! Won’t you join me? This recipe is called Banana-Fana Frosty Cream Pie. It is super easy thanks to […]


Stuga is the Swedish word for cottage. Yesterday, on my search for the LF art studio… a friend took me to see this little Stuga nestled in the woods, near a rolling creek, secretly hidden in the web of my city. It is very tiny but it has a busload of charm and nostalgia. Look […]

Let’s Play…Fringe & Frost

I am a playful gal. And I can’t help but feel playful in this top of tribal pattern and fringed arms. It reminds me of a suede vest I wore in the third grade. Wearing this top got me thinking about “play”. When is the last time you made time for play? Play is important…even […]

Today…Inspiration Silo

Spring is coming…I smell it in the air, I hear chripy birds, and my crocus is coming-up. Today is a great day to take a few minutes to appreciate…LIFE. Let go of worry, let go of expectation, just be in the moment and appreciate living. Can you squeeze in a nature walk? Can you take […]

Today’s Splurge…

REAL MAPLE SYRUP Did you know that most of the syrup bought in the grocery is made with corn syrup and other additives? So today I am going to SPLURGE for the real thing. I will purchase real Maple Syrup…which is tapped directly from the goodness of the tree. I know it tastes so much […]

Let’s Get Frosted Friday…O’Grasshoppers

Every Friday, I am going to post an easy, DIY, treat idea. It will be called “Let’s Get Frosted Friday”. Are you ready? Okay, let’s do this… Today’s treat…O’Grasshoppers!!! Let’s mix-it-up tonight (literally) with a whimsical after dinner ice cream drink. And since they’re green and minty they fit perfectly with our on-going St Patty’s […]

ExtraORDINARY Flower Arrangement

Fresh flowers create positive energy in the home or workplace. So, let’s mix-it-up and do a little fresh flower arranging “frosty” style today! Are you ready? Today’s Assignment…Go out and buy or pick yourself flowers! (I went to the grocery and bought a small bouquet of green and purple mums for $3.99 and then cut […]

Today’s outfit? I will dress like my painting…

I am a free spirit…and when it comes to clothes and shoes I am true to my soul. I definitely like to mix-it-up with color. I believe it should be fun to get dressed in the morning. For me, it kind of feels like painting but in a different way! (I’m sure I am just […]

Mini- Me…a Photo Idea

Do you have boxes of old photos? Perhaps, one of yourself as a child? Your Mom? Your Grandmother? Do people often say, “You look so much like your Mom”? Or does your child look so much like you? Well, hold the horses back…I have an idea for you. A side-by-side photo of the past and […]

I’ve Got Sunshine On a Cloudy Day…

When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May… I receive many requests throughout the year. Once in a while I receive a request that makes me cry, inspires me and helps me to appreciate the great goodness of others. My friend Kelly also wrote about a similar experience…and it inspired me too! Dear […]

Top O’ the Frosty Morning Breakfast

At the end of every rainbow you will find a full and satisfied FAMILY!!! Frosty’s Magically Delicious Pancake Recipe 2c Milk 2 Eggs Pinch of Salt 1/3c Sugar Splash of Vanilla 2 tablespoon melted Butter or Margarine 1 1/4c Self-Rising Flour Mix wet ingredients with mixer or whisk. Mix dry ingredients…add Flour slowly while stirring […]

Looking for a home…for my studio

In my purse side-pocket, I’ve been carrying around this photo of a business storefront that I LOVE in Soho-Manhattan. Although I’ve never been there…I just connected with the vibe and energy of the look. I thought to myself whatever lies inside must be happy, clean, fresh, historic yet modern, funky yet classy place. I started […]