Let’s Get Frosty and Make your own CHALKBOARD Paint

Did you know you can make your own custom colored chalkboard paint?
Oh boy!
My intern, Sara told me all about it. I did some research and learned how to do it from Martha Stewart. I liked her approach…however, you know me, I wanted to try a little something different.
Latex paint and acrylic paint are basically the same thing, so I used acrylic. I made it “artsy” when I mixed each color into one another so they would all have a little bit of each other…a family of color (how nice)! And that is frosty:)

Are you ready?
You will need:
1/2 cup of acrylic craft paint
1 tbsp unsanded grout (Home Depot)
Paint brush
Cup to mix it in
And something to paint it on… ( I found these cute, bare-wood, wide picture frames)

Measure out the paint and grout and mix-it-up so no lumps remain.

Paint it up. Mix up only what you will need. Let it dry. Chalk it up. Have FUN! xox lisA

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