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Wine Cork Memo Frame

Discovering wine is an art.  Like a fine art painting or beautifully composed piece of music…wine offers something for many of the senses. My love for wine started before I could taste.  As a child, I watched my Dad grow grapes and  make wine in the basement. He was so passionate about it…and you know […]

Soda Pop Cake

There is a reincarnated world of soda pop.  Unique flavors, grown-up tastes, and (sometimes)lower sugars.  My grocery has a whole section of soda pop with flavors like grapefruit, black cherry, cucumber,hibiscus.  I bought a 4-pack on sale for $2.79. I remember my Mom used to make the Coca-Cola and 7-up cake.  So I figured I’d […]

His & Hers Chair Covers

Here is a new way to assign seats in your home.  Hand painted chair covers! Or maybe it’s your favorite couple… Fred & Ginger, Allie and Noah, Barbie and Ken?   After all, I LOVE going into a home and being able to feel the personality of the home owner. This is perfect. (Oh boy, […]

Mom’s Day Gift Idea…

What does Mom want for Mother’s Day?  A little R&R…a glass of wine…and her favorite magazine. Here is a cute way to put it all together… Here is what I did: I found a shoebox lid.  Picked out two cute “Frosty” wine glasses, a magazine, a “Frosty flower”, and a bottle of wine.  Purchased a […]

Birds of a Feather…

My new painting makes me want to sing… “Stars shining bright above you Night breezes seem to whisper, “I love you” Birds singing in the sycamore tree Dream a little dream of me!” Have a great night… xox lisA

The Moon has my Heart

I took a walk in the woods on a cold winter night. The sky was so clear. The air so cold it made my toes ache. The moonlight made everything a brilliant shade of blue. I thought to myself, you and I may walk down a similar path but each see something completely unique. I […]

Let’s Table this Discussion

When we moved into this house our old farm table took a licking. The front right leg was damaged. After my carpenter friend repaired it …I was in charge of touching-up the paint. Well, one thing led to another. You know how that goes? Well, this is how it turned out.

Poem for the day…

It was the day we laughed so hard we made the sunflowers bloom I was nine it was clear skies we were running like foxes a game of hide and seek happiness all balled up in our hands shooting out of us shrieks and bellows I’m a jaguar she declared and I decided I was […]

Graduation Party Project

Do you have a graduate? I do (8th grade). OR…do you have a class reunion coming-up? Are you having a party? Do you need a candle votive centerpiece or party favor idea? I have just the project for you…SUPER EASY, inexpensive, and attractive! You wil need: Photocopies of yearbook pages from your home computer on […]

Creative Pizza Night

Last night I wanted to create something creative for dinner. I have seen Blogs about these little gourmet pizzas before but thought it would be fun to try it myself…plus, I want my kids to try different tastes and foods. It ended up being an art project…and cooking is really just that… an art project! […]

Day Dreamer

Do you ever take time in this busy world to slow down, breathe, take-it-all-in? If you haven’t done it lately, I highly recommend it. Today, take a few moments to walk in nature, sit outside in the fresh air, smile at children playing, pray. Trust me, these moments of quiet appreciation will charge and inspire […]


Did you know you can put “itarian” after any word and make it a movement or somewhat official? At any rate, I recently referred to myself at a “Dreamitarian”. I did it upon reflection. At the end of the day, I really do believe in dreams, both yours and mine…and having the power to make […]

Easter Pizza…a Frost Tradition

Easter would not be the same around here without this Italian treat, from Naples-Italy, we call “Easter Pizza”. It is made with pizza dough and Italian meats and cheeses. It is very easy to make and it is something everyone looks forward to once a year. Traditionally, we make it on Good Friday…and slice-it-up and […]

Easter Basket Treats!

Let’s make edible candy carrots for Easter baskets with waffle cones, orange candies (I used Reeses Pieces), and some tulle ribbon and clear cello wrapping! Here is how you do it: