Monthly Archives: May 2012

Teacher Teacher

It is the end of the school year…and that means it is time to thank the teachers.   One of the things I miss most about teaching are all those end- of- the- year hugs!  That was always the best thank you gift of all. I created this piece for a card several years ago. […]

Garden Girl Apron

I love gardening. I hate pulling weeds.  So I have solicited the help of my daughter in the garden…and an old pair of jeans! Gardening and crafting can be easier with a denim jeans apron. Our very own Peggy Giannangeli whipped-this-up on her sewing machine. It is a great way to repurpose an item. I […]

Memorial Day Painting

Happy Memorial Day!  I love my country. Grills are fired up, flags are waving, pools are splashing…but aside from all the celebration it is also an important day to remember…and honor. Today I give thanks for all those who have fought for the freedom that I have. As a tribute, I painted a canvas. A […]

Painted Bookcase

Books inspire me. I hold onto the “keepers”.  You know, the ones that you can pick up and read again and again. I love the way a book looks after you’ve read it a couple of times.  Each page is touched by your hands and devoured by your eyes.  A well read book looks worn […]

Graduation Advice…

My daughter, Maddie is graduating from 8th grade today.  Her school puts on a full blown ceremony and reception. Tonight there is a dance party. But you know me…I couldn’t resist putting together a little reception for this special occasion. I feel graduation is a time to give a little advice.  (Oh boy, I can […]

Frosty Flowers in a Vase

It’s always exciting to see how my original artwork inspires a banner. The Flowers in Vase Banner is part of my NEW work included in the lisA fRosT Collection by Silvestri. The banner piece will be available in stores nationwide. (And very soon it will be available in my little studio and on the website!) […]

Rockin’ Rhubarb Cake

Do you have Rhubarb growing in your backyard?  (You know Rhubarb…that pretty, wild, red- stalked vegetable?)  All the men in my family love TART and tasty Rhubarb anything…but especially this cake. It is easy to make and always special this time of year. Have fun baking! xox lisA   Super Easy! 9×13″ pan, butter it […]

Annabel’s Fashion Tip

Meet Annabel. She is a student at Columbia College in Chicago.  Her major is Fashion Business. She is brilliant…and talented! She has also been an intern at lisA fRosT studio for four years. I asked Annabel to give us some fashion tips… she said, “Let’s do it!”… Annabel says, everything old is new again, of […]

Frosty Sangria

Inspired by this beautiful day.  I whipped together a yummy, refreshing, and summery drink…I think I shall call it “Frosty Sangria“. For my large pitcher shown here, I used 1 can of Bacardi Rum Runner frozen concentrate mixer, 2 cans of cold Black Cherry Citrus Fresca, 2 cans of Pinot Grigio wine, 1 1/2 c […]

Hi, my name is Lisa, I am a Taurus…I LOVE sunflowers and tomatoes…

Need a helpful way to keep track of all of your plantings?  Well, I found a solution!  The local garden store had all these tomatoes and the Home Depot had the plastic plant ID Tags with 7″ Wood Sticks, they came in a pack of 6 for $4.79.  The empty seed packets fit perfectly in […]

Meet our Scholarship Winners

Meet our Frost & Friends Scholarship Winners! Frost & Friends is a holiday show that I produce with my friends, which takes place in Rockford, Illinois every November.  Our mission through Frost & Friends is not only to feature talented artisans and entrepreneurs but to raise money to support art students that are passionate, talented […]

Blue Sunflowers…

I’ve got the blues mixed into my sunflowers. Guess I’m just showing the blues how to have a sunny time. My little way of saying, “Everything is going to be alright”. Painting is feeling liquified. xox lisA

Mommy’s Day…

I am a Mother.  I have two girls…ages 14 and 11. It is my most important job. It is a gift. I am grateful. I thought you’d get a kick out of this creative card that came home in my daughter’s back pack last year. She sums it up with, “I Love you for Loving […]

Ha-chooo Honey

Hey, my Girl… “I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me. I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees…” Honey. I met a beekeeper along the way. He told me that honey may actually help with my seasonal allergies. He said you must get the honey from your area. I sought […]

Bike Lane

My favorite gift last birthday was a bright blue Electra Bicycle. I mean, I have always liked biking…it helps  accentuate my carefree spirit. I like to ride with friends and family.  It is good old fashioned fresh-air fun. I even put a basket and a bell on the bike…which can be a little annoying from […]

I see hearts everywhere…

I see hearts everywhere. In the sky, the trees, the stars, the sidewalk… What does it tell me? It tells me there is a whole lot of life and love out there. Aim for passion. Have a great day! xox lisA    

Wine and Cheese Party

The levee breaks and the wine flows…feels like a party. When I paint, I stand.  I dance. I put my whole body into it. I created this piece in early May 2012 while listening to the music of John Lee Hooker. Salute! lisA  

Edible Flowers

Here is a flowery idea!  Let’s make popsicles with organic edible flowers and lemonade.  I washed them, placed them inside of little glass shot glasses, filled them with lemonade…and once they were semi-set frozen I added a stick.  When they were completely frozen I wrote messages on the sticks and tied them with ribbons. Pretty! […]

Derby Day

Break out of the gate and join in the fun of the fastest sporting event in history…The Kentucky Derby.  It takes place today in Louisville, KY. Someday I want to be there, in the stands, part of the excitement. Until then I will partake in some of the traditions so that I am full-on ready […]

Friendship Boots…

Meet Allyson and Sara.  They are my art interns here at the studio. Sara gave Allyson the cute boots (shown in the photo) because they didn’t fit her.  They have been friends ever since. I love it when something like that works out.  Do you have something to give to another??? Think about it. Have […]

Stair Stepper

How are you doing with your own personal goals? Taking a little bit longer and harder to achieve than you thought? Well, stay determined. Have faith. Stop listening to the nay-sayers. Take some time to remember your own worth.  Think of all the things you have accomplished. Know what you can-do. And take the step. […]

May Day

I say hey…it is MAY today!!!  Ready to play ding-dong-ditch? Let’s make May Baskets! Fill small baskets with flowers and treats and get ready to surprise your neighbors by leaving them at their doorstep. Okay, here is the crazy part…you are going to ring the bell, leave the basket, and run away. Don’t get caught! […]