Monthly Archives: June 2012

4th of July…”Can Do” Table Decoration

Here is a low cost, cute and clever table decoration…that anyone can do! Wash and remove label from a silver can. Tie a bow with cute ribbon or wrap the can with plastic streamers. Next, add little embellishments like stars or other fun stuff you have around the house… how about silver tinsel? Fill cans […]

Red,White and BleachT-shirts…

Need a quick and easy idea for a hand crafted T-shirt?  Well, look no further.  This is a FUN and inexpensive project that provides GREAT results. All you need is a dark colored T-shirt, a Bleach pen (available in the grocery store by the laundry detergent), a piece of cardboard, a spray bottle of bleach,paintbrush, […]

Frosted Flag Cupcakes

Here is a creative way to make and “frost-up” a batch of patriotic cupcakes.  Grab a box of white cake mix.  Divide it into three equal sections, in three separate bowls.  Add red food coloring to one bowl and blue food to another and stir (leave one bowl white). Transfer the frosting into plastic freezer […]

Strawberry Pie…FROSTed with blueberries

The trip to the strawberry fields last week inspired me to make a Strawberry Pie. A great idea for a 4th of July party! (This recipe was adapted from Strawberry Pie by Cooking Light) Ingredients: Crust: 50 low-cal vanilla wafers 1/4 cup margarine, melted 2 tablespoon sugar 1 tsp grated orange rind Cooking spray Filling: […]

Strawberry Fields…forever!

I’ve crossed off yet another one from my list of summertime goals…strawberry picking.  YEE-HAW!!!  Yesterday, I stopped at the Walvoord’s Berry Farm in Cedar Grove, WI.  I have never done this so you can imagine, I was pretty excited. Let me take you down cause I’m going to …Strawberry fields. (Thanks Beatles!) Here they are!!! Look […]

In the Gardens…

Every tuesday night in the summer is special in the Japanese Gardens. The breathtaking Anderson Gardens in Rockford, IL features live music and encourages guests to bring picnic baskets and lawn chairs.  In my opinion, it is a recipe for a perfect summer evening. In fact, I was so inspired I painted it! xox lisA  

Father’s Day BBQ Apron

Father’s day is tomorrow!  Here is a cute idea for a special handmade gift…a hand painted BBQ Apron.  I bought the apron and hat at GFS marketplace in their chef station. Came home, laid it out on some newspapers.  I sketched out my design lightly in chalk. I used acrylic craft paint (for fabric) to […]

Farmers’ Market Inspiration

A summer morning would not be complete without a weekly stroll through the Farmers’ Market. A  quaint Farmers’ Market takes place every Wednesday near my home in the Edgebrook Center. It is a great time to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies. In fact, it inspired a painting that I could see as a […]

Frosty Ice Cream

Ice cream is a very popular treat around here. My kids LOVE it! I have been wanting an ice cream maker for some time. I did just a little bit of research and found that Cuisinart was the way to go.  I purchased the Ice Cream maker. (Over time, I am sure we will save […]

Let’s dress the front door for Flag Day!

  I love my country!  This Thursday, June 14th is Flag Day. I feel it is a “must” to proudly hang your flag on this day. In fact, Betsy Ross wants us too. So, let’s waste no time and dress up the front door! You can make your entrance look very festive and patriotic in […]

Best Friend Day…meet Rockie and Ceaser

National Best Friend Day was this past week, on June 7th.  I’d like to introduce you to our BFF’s…Rockie and CC. This is Rockie Rose.  She is a Shiba Inu.  She is almost one year old. She looks like a fox. She is affectionate, spunky, and full of life! This is Ceaser.  We like to […]

Artist Tips for cute… Garage Sale Signs

I believe attractive signs will bring more shoppers to your Garage Sale. 1. Purchase  the board. The best material is corrugated plastic sheets….because it is sturdy and wind resistance.  It will hold up in the rain.  Or if you have nice weather just get a few sheets of brightly colored poster board (neon pink is […]

My life is like a 3 Ring Circus…

Do you ever feel like your life is like a 3 ring circus?  There is always so much going on.  Start, stop, start, stop.  Trying to focus on one task is no easy feat. This all came into focus when I went to the circus this past weekend. It reminded me of my life. School is […]

Dad’s Shirt Pillow

The Dad’s Shirt Pillow is a great Father’s Day gift. It is a creative way to re-purpose, re-invent, and re-use one of dad’s old shirts.  You certainly don’t need to use a button-down shirt…”think” overalls for the farmer, robe for the judge, camo for the hunter, beer shirt for the beer enthusiast.  And fill the […]