Monthly Archives: October 2012

Quick and Easy Designer Pumpkin

1. I glittered the stem on my pumpkin with Mod Podge and glitter…let it dry. 2. Next, I base painted an oval shape with primer/gesso. Let it dry and then I painted beige and white polka dots with craft acrylic paint. 3. I sketched out my initial “L” with chalk on a piece of black […]

Going with the FLO…DIY Halloween Costume

This is my daughter.  She is dressed for Halloween as Flo, from Progressive Insurance.  Certainly if you watch TV you know this character.  Many people have told her they liked her costume. She came up with the idea on her own.  I helped her pull it together.  It is very easy to assemble and can […]

Love Reward

I heard something like this once and it really resonated with me…so I painted it. When you love with no thought of reward of your own,  you truly love. And just putting your heart in the right spot, well, that is the reward. Have a great night! xox lisA

We’re all going BATTY…

Need a quick idea for some easy DIY Halloween decorations?  Simply cut bats out of black construction paper and bedazzle with red gems for the eyes.  Then, position them with masking tape by the window as if they have just flown-in.  (Check out Rockie relaxing in her Chicago style Snuggie…hahahaha!) Have Fun! xox lisA

Frosted Pumpkin Bars

Oooooowie!  Pumpkin Bars are my Libbie’s favorite.  In fact, she couldn’t help herself and stole a bite. (See picture below!)  Like my friend Sylvia said…”If it says Libby-Libby-Libby on the label, how can she resist?”   This is my Mom’s recipe. The little pumpkin candy dish is from the lisA fRosT collection by Silvestri. Enjoy […]

Halloween Tabletop Candle…

SUPER Easy Candle Tabletop Idea! Put together groupings of glassware in different heights…fill with glitter candles in a variety of shapes,sizes and colors…surround with candy corn…TA-DA! xox lisA

The Sky is BLUE with this Frost & Friends scholarship!

Meet Skye.  She is a talented art student who was nominated by her art teachers for the Frost & Friends scholarship this past year. She took the time to report to us about her experience at Summer Art Camp.  She is an amazingly talented and charismatic gal…and I am happy we could help.  I hope […]

From the Land Down Under…

Meet Nicole. Nicole and her husband Andrew flew in from Melbourne, Australia!!! They own a retail outfit in Australia known as “My Christmas“. They carry lisA fRosT creations in their store!  (That makes me soooo HAPPY to know that I have reached Australia…holy cats!) Nicole and Andrew are on a mission to get INSPIRED and […]

A DIY Wedding…

My cousin, Tennyson married her charming Chef and best friend, Gregg… in an old foundry called “Joanna Furnace” just outside of Philadelphia. It was a crisp October day. The wedding ceremony was simple and sweet…and personal. It was an element of charming surprises! The flowers were made of heavy crepe paper.   The flower girls […]