Monthly Archives: February 2013

Kevin Frost for City Council

Today is the Primary Election for officials in my city, Rockford, Illinois. If you are a Rockfordian, I hope you will head-out to the polls and exercise your right to vote. I have such an appreciation (more than ever) for the belief that “every vote counts”. This election historically has come down to one person, […]

Valentine’s Day

Started out the day with a batch of  heart shaped swedish pancakes!  I added red food coloring to the mix and poured them into hearts.  Then I topped them with chocolate chips and strawberries. Ooooolalalala…won’t you be my valentine? I hope you have a great  Valentine’s Day! xox lisA

Sticky Valentine Project

Need a quick and easy door decoration? Well, here is a fabulous idea. Gather a variety of sticks, like honeysuckle and birch, and place them into a hearty arrangement. (My friend Karen Archer made the one shown here in the photo. I like the way she created a sublime heart with the sticks.) Once you’ve […]

Superbowl Snack Stadium