Monthly Archives: March 2013

You’re a Good Egg!

These are my eggs.  Made of wood …they are sturdy. I love them!  I hope you do too… xox lisA

A Creative Spin on the Easter Bunny

Here is an easy DIY project…just in time for Spring. (My floral designer friend Karen Archer inspired me once again!) Look at the pictures… You will need: 2 honeysuckle wreaths, 15″ and 22″. Loose honeysuckle sticks looped (for ears) Pretty ribbons and tulle in 70″ strands Heavy duty floral wire and wire cutters. Directions: 1. […]

Irish Grasshopper

  1 shot of Creme de Mint 1 shot of Creme de Cacao 8 ounces of milk 1 cup of Vanilla Ice Cream Green Food Coloring Place creme de menthe, creme de cacao, and ice cream  and milk into a blender. Add a few drops of green food coloring. Blend until thick and creamy. Pour […]

St. Joseph’s Altar

A few years ago my oldest friend Amy and I held a St. Joseph Altar in my home. St. Joseph’s day is March 19th. St. Joseph is the patron saint to fathers, carpenters, and Sicilians. My daughter Libbie says, “St Joseph is Jesus’ Dad.” That works too.A St. Joseph Altar is a Sicilian tradition. And […]

On Trusting Myself…

I have created a creative life. It has always been my dream to create a creative life and share it with others. After all, two is better than one…   I have always been deeply in love with drawing, painting and  all forms of creativity. It has been my obsession for most of my life. […]

Shine on Libbie!

Libbie loves fashion. Flowing fabrics, tribal prints and exposed zippers are in her heart this season.  She found a cute little dress to fit the bill. I love it that she feels confident in this dress. I feel happy just looking at her. SHINE ON little Libbie. Thanks for the tips! Dress is from American […]

WE Belong…

Forbes recently ranked Rockford, Illinois as the third most miserable city to live in. I completely disagree. Therefore, I have taken action and done what I do best. I used my greatest asset. My SPIRIT! I created a design with my flowing lines and vibrant colors that highlights some of Rockford’s attributes on a functional […]

Lucky Blocks

Here is an easy project you can create on your own to bring in some St. Patrick’s Day cheer! 1. I went to the hardware store and I picked out a 2×4″ and had them cut it into 6 4″ blocks… 2. I primed them with Kilz primer and let them dry… 3. I painted […]

Radio Show…this Tuesday!

March…in like a Lion!

out like a Lamb! Let’s hope so. xox lisA