Monthly Archives: June 2013

Minty Homemade Ice Cream

I have bright green fresh mint growing in the garden. So I looked up this recipe (Cuisinart) and tried this Mint and Peppermint Patty Ice Cream. It makes a sophisticated spin on your ordinary mint ice cream. I love having a garden…and an ice cream maker! Have a great day! xox lisA 1 cup whole […]

NEW product…DrinkBlots!

I am so excited to have a new product… DrinkBlots! DrinkBlots are reusable, recyclable and sturdy coasters. Each set contains 24 Frosty designs, so no two coasters in the deck are the same! I can’t wait to use them as coasters, give them as hostess gifts, string them as garland and make card houses! LOL! […]

Surprise Dad with a Beer Tier Cake!

15 minutes and $15…and I have a great gift for Dad for Father’s day. I used a 24 pack of beer. Okay, I know it’s not Duchesse De Bourgogne…but it’s hipster PBR, and Dad doesn’t care. I gathered-up 3 cardboard discs used for cake decorating. I plugged in my GG (glue gun). I arranged the […]

I found my Thrill…on Blueberry Cupcake Hill

My daughter Libbie bakes again! She is channelling her creativity with this Blueberry Cupcake recipe. After posting this photo on Facebook, the owner of Sugarjones offered Libbie a job when she turns 16. Hahaha. Enjoy this creation…the FROSTing is to die for! 1 package 2 layer-size yellow cake mix 1 4-serving size package cheesecake instant […]

Portraits of Mom and Dad!

On Saturday, June 8th, 2013 from 10:30- Noon and again from 1:00pm- 2:30pm, Children aged 6-12 participated in a summer painting class called “Portraits of Mom & Dad” at Wonderland Books. What a great gift for Father’s Day…anniversaries and simply good creative moments/ memories of childhood!!! It’s like a visual and soulful record of this […]

Frosted Malt Ball Cupcakes

My 12 year old daughter Libbie has a BIG dream to open a cupcake shop one day. I have encouraged her to try all kinds of different recipes. This one in particular, takes the cake…hardy-har-har! We had fun making it together on this nice and cool summer day. Enjoy! xox lisA (We adapted it from […]

Summer Bucket List 2013

Last summer I found it extremely helpful to write down goals for the summer. I asked my daughters, my friends, my heart. It was amazzzing how much I accomplished last year just from keeping a list and goals on the brain. So in the spirit of intention, I have created a list again this year. […]

Rock with me

“Well, a pretty painted bench is good for sitting and resting. Come, sit down. Sit down and rest.” I was commissioned to paint this rocking bench for a preschool teacher’s retirement. Apparently, she and I both love to garden. I have included some pictures of the process from start to finish. Enjoy. xox lisA