Monthly Archives: August 2013

For the love and organization of my fave subject…ART

My favorite art supplies are never far away in the Magic Art Cart that I painted. In fact, this roller cart not only holds all my supplies, it can be displayed nicely on a work day and rolled into the closet the next. I even painted a spot on the back to display a work […]

Welcome Traveling Travelers

“When you love something, your passion is contagious.” Who said that? It’s TRUE. Last week I was asked by my city of Rockford, Illinois to host an Art & Culture Tour to a group of traveling journalists and bloggers from all over the country. It was a magical day. Our first stop was to Starlight […]

FRYE boots are kickin!

I am a boot girl. It is no secret that I have wanted the “real” Frye boots for quite some time. In fact, I have had the imitation Frye boots and wore them until the sole peeled off. Just this week, my hubby surprised me with a pair of Fryes…and I have been wearing them […]

Zuckie Zucchini Bread

Zucchini’s are plentiful this time O’ year. (Funny thing happened to me in my gardening adventure this year. I thought I bought, planted and nurtured a zucchini plant for my garden…but instead I got a yellow summer squash. Equally as yummy, but not what I thought or intended. Ha!) My Dad saved the day. Dad […]

Shine on Hope

Dear Hope, Thank you for being that light shining from within that never let’s me give up. Love, me I created this piece of hope…for the country of Haiti. For clean water, safe shelter, beds to sleep, shoes to walk, safe food to eat, and books to read. My friend Rachel, and her family and […]

Rolled Cherry French Toast

I’ve been workin’ and workin’ on an idea for my Frost & Friends Frosty Brunch. Since it is a candyland theme this year, I wanted something sweet and special. I consulted with my celebrity Chef friend, Sylvia Waldsmith and my catering friend, Kristina Johnson. Here is what we came up with… What you need: 1 […]

I love Peach Pie

I LOVE Peaches. My summer bucket list includes a line item, “make a Peach Pie”. No problem o! (This bucket list is keeping me on track…hahahaha!) Kevin’s grandpa was a farmer and he absolutely loved Peach pie. When he was living, I made him peach pie from time to time. Here is a super easy […]

Frosty Land Preview 2013…

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! I have FROSTY on the mind. I want to share with you the preview of my Silvestri Holiday Collection. My friend and extraordinary sales representative, SAM RAMOS from Texas, shared these stunning snapshots of the market display of my collection. Thank you Sam…stay cool (or shall […]

F.R.O.S.T. Business Mantra

This past week I had the opportunity to speak to the “Ladies In Professional Power” organization (thank you ladies) about my “Pay It Forward” approach to doing business. It’s funny, I don’t really think of it as “pay it forward” because that would imply that I want something in return. I don’t think like that […]

Teacher Teacher

August means back-to-school time. Teachers all across the LAND are preparing their classrooms in anticipation of the school year. (I remember when I was teaching how exciting it was decorating my classroom.) In celebration of teachers everywhere… I created a new piece for the classroom that I think will make an excellent addition to the […]

Hop on the Bus Gus…

…make a new plan, Stan. Don’t mean to be coy, Roy… it’s back to school time! Don’t miss the bus. I made this fun little piece for classrooms, teachers, and anyone who loves the spirit of back to school time. xox lisA

National Frosty Family Vacation

Howdy Partners… I love summer vacations! I love to travel, I guess I’m kind of a romantic that way. I get so inspired. I believe that a vacation is very important for my soul. I love to see as far as my eyes can see. I love to experience all that I can experience. I […]