Monthly Archives: November 2013

City Sidewalks dressed in FROSTY style

Once again I was asked to paint the town. The mission: “To paint the windows for all the city to enjoy at our Convention and Visitors Bureau in downtown Rockford”. The Frostettes and I braved the cold day (Nov 22 and 23rd). Our paint would literally freeze on our palettes and to help us get […]

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…

Frost & Friends is this weekend. I’m sorry I haven’t posted this week but we are in full blown Santa’s workshop around here. If you are local, I hope you can come to the Clock Tower Resort Friday or Saturday. If not, I will post pics and treasures on the website shortly thereafter. I am […]

Swim Baby Swim

Last night, I was getting ready for bed after a date night out with the hubby for Mexican food and good times. I thought the whole house was asleep. I went into the home office to shut down the computer. My oldest daughter Maddie,15, came in. She said, “Ma, I can’t sleep. I feel anxious. […]