Monthly Archives: January 2014

“Oh, what the KALE”…Smoothie

“Oh, what the KALE”…I decided to jump on the smoothie band wagon! I also decided to dive into this new cookbook “FEAST” written by Sarah Copeland. (Available for sale at Wonderland Books, Crate & Barrel, and Amazon.) I really love this girl. She inspires me. She is from my hometown. Her motto, “eat cake & […]

Messages to my Daughters…

My daughters are so busy with school.. and sports… and friends. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down, as a family and just “be”. Sometimes when I talk to them, they tune me out. But, I think I have found a way to reach them! I decided I would doodle little messages and tape them to […]

BIG Heart

I have created this Big Heart…hundreds of times. But yesterday this Big Heart was warmed by my neighbor Kristin who put it on her front door and wrote about it on her Facebook. She joyfully remembered where she got it, the benefit it was for (Ethan), her quiet memory of a special little boy, and […]

Good as GOLD Hearts

I’ve been making fun and happy pieces in the studio that make a perfect way to show your love. I made a gold heart this year. I was inspired by my friends who did so many nice things for me. I would constantly catch myself saying, “you’re as good as gold”. And then voila! I […]

Little Angel Artist…

I painted this portrait of Grace and her Dad. She was 11. She passed away this week. She had been suffering from Crohn’s disease. Her dad, Charles (Chuck) is my good friend. He was the best Dad he could be. I know this for certain. Heart wrenching. I can hardly bear to think of what […]

My painted Christmas Gift…

I love to paint portraits. Ever since I can remember I have loved painting portraits. In fact, Mom and Dad have a family portrait that I created as a child still hanging in their home.There is something about it that feels so natural to me. This Christmas, I struggled about what to give (the hardest […]

A beautiful something happened to me…

Over the holidays, Kevin and I stopped by the Poor Clares monastery in my hometown. I love going there. Makes me feel closer to God. It feels mysterious and amazing. I wrote a note to the sisters and I asked them for prayers. I asked them to pray to help me reach people through my […]

I’ll stand by you…

My January heart told me to paint these birds. I felt inspired by looking out the big picture window at the place where I get my hair done. The window overlooks the woods and the creek. The cardinals love that spot. This couple reminds me of an old married couple. (Kind of funny how I […]

I think I can…I think I can…

It is the new year. I resolve to lose weight and exercise. So I went to the gym. I was totally intimidated and scared. (But then I remembered my self talk about baby steps and not being so hard on myself. I toughened up. I said to myself, “I think I can…I think I can…”) […]

Memory Stone

My oldest daughter, Maddie is a high-school swimmer. So I know first-hand that the swim team is a close group of folks. The coaches, kids and other parents become part of your family. So I was very saddened to receive a message and request this week to create a piece for a swim coach from […]

My New Year Wish Tree

I hosted some friends and family on New Year’s Eve. Earlier that day, I asked my Dad what he remembers from his youth about New Year’s Eve. And he said he remembered putting out fresh fruit as a symbol of good things to come in the new year. So…. in Dad’s spirit, I filled a […]

Happy 2014

I wish you blue skies, joy and kindness in your heart (and in your lap), fun adventures to free your spirit, peace and reward in your soul, shinny and stellar well-being and most of all LOVE LOVE LOVE in 2014…and always. I would love to hear from you this year…please post comments. xox lisA