Monthly Archives: February 2014

Flowers for Her…Number 6

The “Flowers for Her” exhibit opens on April 11th. I am working everyday on the pieces for the show. I feel so happy when I am painting. I know this is my true calling. I have completed another piece for the installation.

Don’t Give Up

The winter Olympics just ended. I was cheering for Mikaela Shiffrin from the women’s downhill ski slalom team. I feel an affinity toward her because she is from Eagle-Vail where we have our ski home.I even signed her “good luck” card just last week. She skied to a GOLD medal in Sochi, Russia becoming the […]

Something is whispering to me…

Last Wednesday, I flew home from Colorado with my two daughters. I sat next to my 16 year old. She was filled with anxiety for the flight, the school work she missed, getting home, etc. I could feel it. So during the flight, I sketched the above drawing for her. I thought it may help […]

Get your 4 Leaf Clover on!

It has been a long, cold winter for most of the country. So with “frosty” cheer, I made some clovers to accentuate my warm and happy thoughts of Spring. I LOVE them and I hope you do too! Available now while supplies last in Rockford at Wonderland Books (in the Edgebrook Center) or right here […]

Flowers for Her…Number 2

Flowers for Her…Number 2. Mom has this warm and happy way about her. If you stay with her for a while you will notice a certain twinkle in her green eyes… highlighted by her frosted blue eyeshadow. She wears make-up less and less these days and that is okay. Hopefully this bunch will help her […]

I Gift You a Chocolate Cupcake

I made a Chocolate Cupcake (puffy painted decor piece) for my friends at the Arc! (The Arc is an organization that serves people with disabilities.) Best wishes for their BIG fundraiser, Chocoholic Frolic tonight. xox lisA

Frost Be Mine?

You see…I have this thing about holidays. My inner child comes out to play. In these times I believe, it is important to be kind to your inner child. And that is exactly what I did. So…I filled the house with balloons and hearts and made treats. I ask the quintessential question, “Be mine valentine”? […]

Flowers for Her…Number 1

Flowers for Her…Number 1. Long winter. Short days. Record breaking cold days. Mom loves flowers. I’m hoping if I paint flowers it will bring Spring sooner. I’m hoping if I paint flowers it will bring joy to the world. I’m hoping if I paint flowers… it will bring her back. I’m losing her you know. […]

True Love

Meet True Love. She is waiting on One N. Only. (He is still a work in progress…aren’t they all?) Hardy har har. What does True want for Valentine’s Day? Time. She says we are so busy working so hard that we very seldom have time just for each other. Let’s spend some time together…

Land of Lincoln Girl

I’m from Illinois. My husband is a lawyer. I have a huge affinity for Abraham Lincoln. Tonight we are attending the President’s Ball for the Bar Association. I am donating this special painting. On the backside I wrote this famous Lincoln quote, “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade”. (And of course […]

Snow Days

Meet Mister Frosty Pants. He is a special character I have created based on my husband… and the painted pants I have made him wear from time to time. Mister Frosty Pants knows it has been a long winter and he knows how you can’t help but have feelings of isolation, non-productivity, frigid toes, dry […]