Monthly Archives: March 2014

Quilt a lisA fRosT Banner…what a great idea!

I am preparing for Art Scene in April. (Art Scene is a gallery walk of visual artists showcasing their work.) My exhibit of 18 Birch wood paintings is called “Flowers for Her” and it is a tribute to my Mom.I am beyond EXCITED! My best friend, Peggy (an avid quilter) approached me about creating a […]

I can do this!

Focus on the things you’re proud to be a part of and then believe in yourself! “I am strong. I have skills. I can do this.” (Morning sketch inspired today by my Maddie and her lifelong love for soccer. Today is her first HS game of the season.)

Be Early

You know that bird in your group, the one who is always early and prepared? She honors you and respects the work. You can count on her. I have noticed. I give this advice to my girls…Be early. This is today’s “Morning Sketch”.

Make good choices…

You know that feeling you get in your gut when you first encounter someone or something? I call it intuition. Trust it. (I am always telling this to my daughter…trust yourself.) This is today’s Morning Sketch”…

Mom’s Fannie May Mint Cake

I grew up always looking forward to the next time Mom would make the Fannie May Mint Cake. It is a little bit like fudge…a little bit brownie…a little bit amazzzzing! 1/2 c margarine 1 c sugar add 4 eggs 1 lb. can of hershey’s chocolate syrup 1 c plus 1 t flour 1t vanilla […]

Let it go…My Morning Sketch

Today’s morning sketch is a little bit of feeling, a little bit of Libbie, a little bit of jelly fish, and a little bit of Matisse. My message: Let it go. I believe we all hold anxieties within ourselves that get stuck in our heads. Sometimes they are on constant repeat mode. I have found […]

Spring Art Scene

Eggplant Pizza

On Saturday, our friends, Jan and Dan came over. We artfully made pizzas! This one was my absolute favorite. I found the recipe in Martha Stewart Living and altered it a bit. Here it is…you MUST try it! EGGPLANT, PISTACHIO and POMEGRANATE PIZZA 1 store bought pizza crust 1 sliced eggplant, thinly sliced lengthwise into […]

You are Light and Love…

Message to my girls…everywhere. “Don’t ever doubt your ability, or the difference you are making, or the way you light up the world.” -MR I painted this image of a butterfly to remind us all that we are magnificent. We are beings of light and love. Keep on keeping on! xox lisA

Flowers for Her…Number 5

The world around us and the world within us are both brimming with potential. (-written by Nancy Rainwater) Every moment has potential. Carpe Diem!

Morning Sketches…

I enjoy feeling free to paint my true thoughts, ideas and feelings. For those of you who follow my Facebook and Istagram page, you are familiar with my “Morning Sketches”. Each day I wake and sketch an idea with soul. My hope is to reach and inspire you to go forth into your day and […]

Flowers for Her…Number 4

You are present. What you do today, will soon be history. Clear the trail… and create a path for others. Pay it forward. Be present.

Flowers for Her…Number 3

Be blessed. God’s light lives in us. He gives every one of us the gift to bless others. To honor him is to use the gift. When you bless… you change the world. (- written by my friend, Anna Pereira) Be Blessed.