Monthly Archives: April 2014

Mom, I picked you some flowers…

Growing up, I lived close to a grocery store. I remember clearly, the store had a neat little floral shop attached to it. I remember Mother’s Day preparation included a trip on my banana seat bike to that store to purchase some special flowers for my Mom. I took what little money I had, mostly […]

Marble Eggs

I love to dye eggs for Easter. I am just like you. A girl who is always learning and trying new things. This year, I tried the marbleizing technique for my eggs. Directions: Start with dry, colored eggs. Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to one of the cups filled with a dark colored dye. […]

Flowers for Her…From Start to Finish

Pieces of a Birch Tree keep appearing near my front door.My friend, Renee told me that Birch wood is a Native American symbol of “new beginnings”.I felt compelled to use the Birch wood that came to my door. I cut out heart shapes and attached them to the backside of the Birch wood panels that […]