Monthly Archives: May 2014

How to make a HAPPY day even HAPPIER…

I was in charge of the decorating and favors for the 8th grade graduation at my daughter’s school. I wanted to create something joyful, relevant and personal. Then it struck me. You know those little faces that show emotions on your cell phone? They are called Emojis. My daughter uses them all the time to […]


Memorial Day. Never forget. Always honor. Please be thankful for the men and women who have served and protected the United States of America! Many families will remember their fallen heros this weekend. And my Memorial Day heart is filled with sadness for their lives cut short but filled with gratitude and total and complete […]

Memorial Day

I made a new FLAG Banner this year. I LOVE my country! (I really love-love-love the way it turned out.) It’s hard to see but I have added glitter to the stars so it sparkles. This piece is something you can keep up all summer long because we move from Memorial Day…to Independence Day….to Labor […]

Word Up…Finish Up…Strong!

My daughter Maddie plays soccer. She has played soccer since she was 5 years old. She is now 16. She has never complained about going to practice, traveling from here to kingdom come to play in tournaments, getting plowed down and picked over nor did she want to give up after suffering a bad concussion […]

Focus with a little Lead Foot!

It’s hard to FOCUS. Especially in this day and age. But when we FOCUS we can achieve great things… I believe this! How do we get there? I’m searching myself. When I was in the 7th grade, I attended a Creative and Performing Arts school. My first class of the day was Theater. My teacher, […]

Create, Give and Share

Hi Friends! Last week was pretty special around here. I handed out the Frost & Friends Scholarships to the Summer in the Arts Program at Northern Illinois University to six high school students in my community.I am so proud of this! In the fall of the year 2000, I found myself at home with a […]

Reclaiming my week…Seizing the Journey! Week ending May 3rd

I’m a romantic. I love birthdays. I happen to celebrate mine this past week. I am not an ego maniac. I just like to view the birthday as a Happy New Year of sorts. It’s when the sun and the stars and the planets line up to that same place as they were the day […]

The Church Lady

My parish, Holy Family is celebrating a HUGE milestone this weekend, a 50 year Anniversary. The nice lady from the church called me in a frenzy. She told me how she has been working on the committee to make sure everything is in place for the weekend of festivities. She ran into some trouble trying […]