Monthly Archives: June 2014

Tipsy Patriotic Jello

WOW your guests this Fourth of July…with this super cute and “Frostyum” recipe. The only tricky part is finding a place in your fridge to lean your glasses while the blue jello sets. (That’s the tipsy part…hardy har har!) Also, you could get creative and really make it “special” by adding spirits for an “adult” […]

Time to make the Donuts…Chocolate Cake Donuts!!!

My family LOVES donuts! I have been wanting to make donuts for quite a while now. I have been intrigued by the Donut Vault in Chicago and Voodoo Donuts in Portland. So I believe the best way to learn something is to dive right and in this case…start creating. I am an artist in the […]

World Cup Fever!

I have World Cup fever! In celebration of Team USA…I painted a Banner.

Cheerful Outfits

First of all, I totally apologize for the Selfie. BUT, I found this groovy lace headband at… the garden store? Yes, that’s right, the garden store. Well, it just goes to show you that brick & mortar stores are having to get really creative with their inventory. I LOVE it. It reminds me of my […]

World’s Greatest Dad

Happy Father’s Day. I made a hand painted seal of 100%, pure-of-heart (and gold) approval. Stamped on my guys. xox lisA

Saturday Sangria

YOU have to try this refreshing Sangria recipe. I served it last night on our deck in little painted mason jars. It was a HIT! The secret to the recipe is to let the wine, rum and fruit marinate in the fridge about three hours before serving. Once that portion of the recipe is chilled…top […]

Stephanie’s Rhubarb Cake

Rhubarb is abundant in the spring. I grew up with it and Mom always made cakes and pies. Everyone in my family loves the tartness of the flavor…especially the men in my family. My German friend Stephanie is an amazing cook. She gave me this recipe in the early spring. This cake is AMAZZZING and […]

Keep On Truckin’…

Life provides lessons on a daily basis. Sometimes it takes a small crisis to recognize while asking, “Hey, what did I learn from this experience?” Yesterday my husband Kevin and I encountered a small crisis… and this is what I learned: 1. Stay calm in the midst of crisis… 2. Keep important phone numbers on […]

Goodbye Hello Old Friend

Kim was my friend in college. Our waitressing gig landed us as fast friends. We were pretty close. Kim was so pretty she could have been a model, she was funny and always made me laugh, she was loyal and she absolutely loved animals. On the weekends when I would go out to the bars […]

Summer is here!

The kids are finally out of school and summer has officially started around here. My family LOVES ice cream. I think they are obsessed with it. ( Kevin’s grandparents owned the Sugar Bowl soda bar and I think he was born with it in his DNA. Lol!) At any rate, we make a weekly treat-stop […]

Reclaiming my week….Seizing the Journey (week ending June 7, 2014)

I made a Summer Bucket List. It is my third summer in a row of making one. It helps me to accomplish goals and add more PLAY into my life. I love it! Have you tried it? I highly encourage this practice. Write it down and cross it off and watch the magic happen. I […]