Monthly Archives: July 2014

Wine Dinner Party

This past Saturday night we hosted a wine dinner for six couples at our home. A wine dinner is a multi-course dinner (e.g., appetizer, main course, dessert) in which an appropriate wine is served with each course. “Pairing” refers to treating the course and the wine as a “pair” that go together. I set the […]

Atlanta July 2014

I have just returned from the largest trade show for home decor and gifts in the country, known as Americas Mart in Atlanta, Georgia. I went there to nurture relationships, become inspired and to develop a plan for moving my brand forward. Let me say, it was an amazing and rewarding experience. I am so […]

Frosty Almanac July 4th, 2014

Knee high by the 4th of July means that your corn better be knee high by the 4th of July or your crop could be a failure. According to my Frosty Almanac and observational measurement of the land here in the middle of America… we are “Head High by the 4th of July”. My prediction […]

Frosty Summer Slush Cocktail

A grown-up slushy…what could be better than that? My MIL, Louise Frost gave me this recipe she had written down on a napkin from a party she had attended years ago. It’s a keeper, trust me!!! It tastes so good and refreshing…beware of drinking too much! ***Make the day ahead. You will need: 8 cups […]

Frost Yourself this Fourth of July!

Do you have a pair of old jeans? Well…cut them into shorts and then tatter them, pattern them and fringe them UP! Re-purposed and FROSTY! 1. Find a partner to work with… 2. Put the jeans on… 3. Have your partner mark with a pen and a series of dots around the leg of where […]