Monthly Archives: July 2015

Pencil Me IN…

It’s Back to School time! Sharpen your pencils class! I made a banner to commemorate this special time of year! In the past few years, it has become wildly popular to use social media to post pics of the kids on the first day of school. I LOVE it. ( I have chosen the same […]

Over my Head!

I did it! I measured the corn today. I live in the Midwest…and cornfields are all around. This is the 4th year I have go out into the fields to check. I hope to keep doing this until I am an old, old lady. I am 5′ 7″. So I hope that helps as you […]

Watermelon Jell-O shots on Frosty Flags for 4th!!!

Stand-out from the crowd with these watermelon Jell-O shots that can be served on my little Frosty Flag. Super easy! Here’s what you do: cut limes in half, Scoop out lime’s, make strawberry or watermelon Jell-o, add vodka to Jell-o recipe when it calls for cold water, pour into limes that you line in a […]