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Frosty Sangria

Inspired by this beautiful day.  I whipped together a yummy, refreshing, and summery drink…I think I shall call it “Frosty Sangria“. For my large pitcher shown here, I used 1 can of Bacardi Rum Runner frozen concentrate mixer, 2 cans of cold Black Cherry Citrus Fresca, 2 cans of Pinot Grigio wine, 1 1/2 c […]

Happy PI Day…

Let’s get Frosted! Today is 3.14 which is PI, the never ending number. It is also Einstein’s Birthday. So in honor of PI (and Albert) I will bake a PIE, share a pie, and eat a pie!!! Won’t you join me? This recipe is called Banana-Fana Frosty Cream Pie. It is super easy thanks to […]

Today’s Splurge…

REAL MAPLE SYRUP Did you know that most of the syrup bought in the grocery is made with corn syrup and other additives? So today I am going to SPLURGE for the real thing. I will purchase real Maple Syrup…which is tapped directly from the goodness of the tree. I know it tastes so much […]

Let’s Get Frosted Friday…O’Grasshoppers

Every Friday, I am going to post an easy, DIY, treat idea. It will be called “Let’s Get Frosted Friday”. Are you ready? Okay, let’s do this… Today’s treat…O’Grasshoppers!!! Let’s mix-it-up tonight (literally) with a whimsical after dinner ice cream drink. And since they’re green and minty they fit perfectly with our on-going St Patty’s […]