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Discovery Center Museum Stops by for an Interview

On March 28th, 2016 the Discovery Center Museum stopped by for an Artist Interview. I am working with them on a collaboration for a new exhibit. I am very passionate about the Museum and their tremendous and positive effect on young people.

Happy President’s Day

New work. Oil paintings.

John the Painter

 John Lee spent about two weeks painting the interior walls of my home. I spent quite a bit of time talking to him. He loved talking about fishing trips with his Dad. Sadly, his Dad got sick and passed away. He asked me if I had the ability to paint his Dad’s portrait. He had […]

Love painting…

Finished a large canvas painting … of three who had (and still have) great power to influence through love , peace and quiet strength. #threelittlebirds #imagine #jackieo


“From the heart…to the hand. Something like… the energy from that deep part of me…mixes with that mystic thing…and breathes life into the work.” Description of the process of the painting.        

Feeling Good Music

I created an original piece for the Symphony. The piece titled “Feeling Good Music” and sized at 18 x 24″acrylic painting on Birchwood.  I planned a juxtaposed composition. I used three elements. A music stand, a piano and a violin.  To me, this is a visual interpretation of feeling good music. For instance, if you […]

Angel of JOY

The Angel of JOY  brings peace to me. I absolutely love her. If positioned in the right lighting she actually glows.  She reminds me to find that quiet place in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. She reminds me to fill my heart with joy and gratitude for all the blessings in my life. […]

Bunnies and Butterflies and Daisies…Oh My!

I just finished this painting for a baby girl. It is for her nursery. Her Mom wanted something fairy tale like…and to use the colors from her bedding. It makes me feel happy when I look at it. I am hopeful it does the same for Mom and baby Sofia. Have a colorful day…xox lisA

And the Angel appeared…

The Angel said to the shepherds…”Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great JOY for all the people.” Dear Friends…I hope LOVE surrounds you, PEACE is with you, and JOY fills your spirit this Christmas. xox lisA fRosT

Goodbye Hello Old Friend

Kim was my friend in college. Our waitressing gig landed us as fast friends. We were pretty close. Kim was so pretty she could have been a model, she was funny and always made me laugh, she was loyal and she absolutely loved animals. On the weekends when I would go out to the bars […]

Flowers for Her…From Start to Finish

Pieces of a Birch Tree keep appearing near my front door.My friend, Renee told me that Birch wood is a Native American symbol of “new beginnings”.I felt compelled to use the Birch wood that came to my door. I cut out heart shapes and attached them to the backside of the Birch wood panels that […]

You are Light and Love…

Message to my girls…everywhere. “Don’t ever doubt your ability, or the difference you are making, or the way you light up the world.” -MR I painted this image of a butterfly to remind us all that we are magnificent. We are beings of light and love. Keep on keeping on! xox lisA

Flowers for Her…Number 5

The world around us and the world within us are both brimming with potential. (-written by Nancy Rainwater) Every moment has potential. Carpe Diem!

Morning Sketches…

I enjoy feeling free to paint my true thoughts, ideas and feelings. For those of you who follow my Facebook and Istagram page, you are familiar with my “Morning Sketches”. Each day I wake and sketch an idea with soul. My hope is to reach and inspire you to go forth into your day and […]

Flowers for Her…Number 4

You are present. What you do today, will soon be history. Clear the trail… and create a path for others. Pay it forward. Be present.

Flowers for Her…Number 3

Be blessed. God’s light lives in us. He gives every one of us the gift to bless others. To honor him is to use the gift. When you bless… you change the world. (- written by my friend, Anna Pereira) Be Blessed.

Flowers for Her…Number 6

The “Flowers for Her” exhibit opens on April 11th. I am working everyday on the pieces for the show. I feel so happy when I am painting. I know this is my true calling. I have completed another piece for the installation.

Flowers for Her…Number 2

Flowers for Her…Number 2. Mom has this warm and happy way about her. If you stay with her for a while you will notice a certain twinkle in her green eyes… highlighted by her frosted blue eyeshadow. She wears make-up less and less these days and that is okay. Hopefully this bunch will help her […]

Flowers for Her…Number 1

Flowers for Her…Number 1. Long winter. Short days. Record breaking cold days. Mom loves flowers. I’m hoping if I paint flowers it will bring Spring sooner. I’m hoping if I paint flowers it will bring joy to the world. I’m hoping if I paint flowers… it will bring her back. I’m losing her you know. […]

Land of Lincoln Girl

I’m from Illinois. My husband is a lawyer. I have a huge affinity for Abraham Lincoln. Tonight we are attending the President’s Ball for the Bar Association. I am donating this special painting. On the backside I wrote this famous Lincoln quote, “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade”. (And of course […]

Little Angel Artist…

I painted this portrait of Grace and her Dad. She was 11. She passed away this week. She had been suffering from Crohn’s disease. Her dad, Charles (Chuck) is my good friend. He was the best Dad he could be. I know this for certain. Heart wrenching. I can hardly bear to think of what […]

My painted Christmas Gift…

I love to paint portraits. Ever since I can remember I have loved painting portraits. In fact, Mom and Dad have a family portrait that I created as a child still hanging in their home.There is something about it that feels so natural to me. This Christmas, I struggled about what to give (the hardest […]

I’ll stand by you…

My January heart told me to paint these birds. I felt inspired by looking out the big picture window at the place where I get my hair done. The window overlooks the woods and the creek. The cardinals love that spot. This couple reminds me of an old married couple. (Kind of funny how I […]

Happy New Year’s Eve

A shinny new year is upon us once again …and I can’t wait! Mom would always request I play the song, “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve. I would say, “Mom, what does it mean?” She would say it means “Oh long ago. Share a drink with friends and celebrate your friendship”. I like […]

On the 5th day of Christmas…

My true love gave to me…FIVE Frosty Santa’s!!! 4 local fashions, 3 girls volunteering, 2 burlap banners and some FROSTY DE-CORAT-ING!!! Hahahaha…I’m having fun, can you tell? Cherish the moments. Wink wink. My heart was calling me to paint this. I woke up and could feel it in my fingertips. I created this Santa painting […]

Planting the Seeds of Hope…

I received a special request to paint a piece. I immediately knew where to start…in my garden. It is a painting of strength, optimism, heart and hope. I LOVE the way it came forth from within. It will be part of a raffle that can be bid on and will be displayed in the breast […]

Shine on Hope

Dear Hope, Thank you for being that light shining from within that never let’s me give up. Love, me I created this piece of hope…for the country of Haiti. For clean water, safe shelter, beds to sleep, shoes to walk, safe food to eat, and books to read. My friend Rachel, and her family and […]

Let your star…SOAR

Let your inner star SOAR!!! New painting for Starlight Foundation Gala- Chicago!

Here’s to waiting for good things to arrive!

My Robin painting is now on display through August 4th at the Rockford Art Museum What was in my heart while painting this piece?  I was thinking about this photo my friend  Jane Apitz Doran had posted of a robin in the snow. It made me feel a connection to the robin.  I thought to myself…”while […]

Rise up and SOAR…

My intern Sara Briseño is pretty amazing. She is a revolutionary. She has taken into her hands the heavy issue of immmigration reform. This past week, she organized and planned an event at Rock Valley College called “Immigration though Art”. What an amazing concept. After all, art can articulate what words cannot say.  And for many […]

March…in like a Lion!

out like a Lamb! Let’s hope so. xox lisA

I Have A Dream…

New painting…  

I Love Us…

As I was painting this piece…this song played by Dave Matthews.  It inspired me. Since then I have painted it many times for weddings, anniversaries…and for just because. xox lisA “Wanna pack your bags, Something small Take what you need and we disappear Without a trace we’ll be gone, gone The moon and the stars […]

Frosty the Sock MAN!!!

Once upon a time, there was a snowman named Frosty. He had such a magical spirit and warm heart. He was simply tired of being cold. So he sought out his name sake…the artist lisA fRosT and the doll maker…Socks-that-Rock inc. and he asked them to make him warmer.  And if they did, he would […]

Be Yourself

Today’s Self Portrait…

Hold on Tight…Watch me paint in this video!

  Watch me paint! Click on picture or here…Lisa Frost Painting Video

Down on the Frosty Farm…

Nothing grows faster than a sunflower…or a child! I created these pieces for a child’s room. Happy gardening. xox lisA

Teacher Teacher

It is the end of the school year…and that means it is time to thank the teachers.   One of the things I miss most about teaching are all those end- of- the- year hugs!  That was always the best thank you gift of all. I created this piece for a card several years ago. […]

Memorial Day Painting

Happy Memorial Day!  I love my country. Grills are fired up, flags are waving, pools are splashing…but aside from all the celebration it is also an important day to remember…and honor. Today I give thanks for all those who have fought for the freedom that I have. As a tribute, I painted a canvas. A […]

Frosty Flowers in a Vase

It’s always exciting to see how my original artwork inspires a banner. The Flowers in Vase Banner is part of my NEW work included in the lisA fRosT Collection by Silvestri. The banner piece will be available in stores nationwide. (And very soon it will be available in my little studio and on the website!) […]

Blue Sunflowers…

I’ve got the blues mixed into my sunflowers. Guess I’m just showing the blues how to have a sunny time. My little way of saying, “Everything is going to be alright”. Painting is feeling liquified. xox lisA

Wine and Cheese Party

The levee breaks and the wine flows…feels like a party. When I paint, I stand.  I dance. I put my whole body into it. I created this piece in early May 2012 while listening to the music of John Lee Hooker. Salute! lisA  

Birds of a Feather…

My new painting makes me want to sing… “Stars shining bright above you Night breezes seem to whisper, “I love you” Birds singing in the sycamore tree Dream a little dream of me!” Have a great night… xox lisA

The Moon has my Heart

I took a walk in the woods on a cold winter night. The sky was so clear. The air so cold it made my toes ache. The moonlight made everything a brilliant shade of blue. I thought to myself, you and I may walk down a similar path but each see something completely unique. I […]