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Poem for the day…

It was the day we laughed so hard we made the sunflowers bloom I was nine it was clear skies we were running like foxes a game of hide and seek happiness all balled up in our hands shooting out of us shrieks and bellows I’m a jaguar she declared and I decided I was […]

Hunger Games

Last night was the premiere of the film, “The Hunger Games”…at midnight!!! Everyone around here has read the book and fell under the spell of severe anticipation for the film. The outcome? Well, everyone LOVED it…not one person within our group was disappointed. Personally, I was initially freaked-out by the child on child “fight to […]

Meet Sara…and her Revolution

Meet Sara…she will inspire you. I believe that people enter your life for a reason. Sara came into my life this past fall. I hired her to join our team, as an intern. She is a college freshman. Immediately I was impressed with her talent and strong work ethic. Day-in and day-out she comes to […]

Stay Frosty!

When I was 14, my best friend was the neighborhood paperboy. We rode the bus to school everyday. He was cool…raced dirt bikes, played the drums and loved the band “Van Halen”. He taught me about their music. Subsequently, I fell in love with Van Halen. (I like to think of them as my first […]