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Feeling Good Music

I created an original piece for the Symphony. The piece titled “Feeling Good Music” and sized at 18 x 24″acrylic painting on Birchwood.  I planned a juxtaposed composition. I used three elements. A music stand, a piano and a violin.  To me, this is a visual interpretation of feeling good music. For instance, if you […]

Trick or Treat this Halloween!

I decorated the door! I hung up my Christmas green (and Halloween-ed it) because in a few weeks it will be too cool to do it. I used those little plastic pumpkin buckets for decoration. I added glittery bats. It was fast and furious, the whole project only took me about 30 minutes. Oh…how FUN! […]

World Cup Fever!

I have World Cup fever! In celebration of Team USA…I painted a Banner.

Flowers for Her…Number 6

The “Flowers for Her” exhibit opens on April 11th. I am working everyday on the pieces for the show. I feel so happy when I am painting. I know this is my true calling. I have completed another piece for the installation.

I Gift You a Chocolate Cupcake

I made a Chocolate Cupcake (puffy painted decor piece) for my friends at the Arc! (The Arc is an organization that serves people with disabilities.) Best wishes for their BIG fundraiser, Chocoholic Frolic tonight. xox lisA

Frost Be Mine?

You see…I have this thing about holidays. My inner child comes out to play. In these times I believe, it is important to be kind to your inner child. And that is exactly what I did. So…I filled the house with balloons and hearts and made treats. I ask the quintessential question, “Be mine valentine”? […]

Good as GOLD Hearts

I’ve been making fun and happy pieces in the studio that make a perfect way to show your love. I made a gold heart this year. I was inspired by my friends who did so many nice things for me. I would constantly catch myself saying, “you’re as good as gold”. And then voila! I […]

Frosty Land Preview 2013…

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! I have FROSTY on the mind. I want to share with you the preview of my Silvestri Holiday Collection. My friend and extraordinary sales representative, SAM RAMOS from Texas, shared these stunning snapshots of the market display of my collection. Thank you Sam…stay cool (or shall […]

Say, I Love You, MOM!!!

I have so many pieces that Mom would love.  I made them happy and cheerful and full of color. Take a look…

Clothes Line…

These are my outdoor flags.  They make me so happy.  Happy Spring! xox lisA

Planning for Thanksgiving…

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I pulled out some photos from years past for inspiration. In addition to all the food I will prepare, I have fun with creative tablescapes and treats. I thought I would share these photos with you while I get my game-plan together for this year! Happy preparations! xox lisA I […]

Front Porch FROST

My dream is to have a Banner on every door in the country! Can you spot a Frosty Banner when driving through a neighborhood? It is so easy to decorate with my Banners because they are so BIG and colorful. And you can switch out the Banners for the seasons!  In the pictures below, I […]

His & Hers Chair Covers

Here is a new way to assign seats in your home.  Hand painted chair covers! Or maybe it’s your favorite couple… Fred & Ginger, Allie and Noah, Barbie and Ken?   After all, I LOVE going into a home and being able to feel the personality of the home owner. This is perfect. (Oh boy, […]

Let’s Table this Discussion

When we moved into this house our old farm table took a licking. The front right leg was damaged. After my carpenter friend repaired it …I was in charge of touching-up the paint. Well, one thing led to another. You know how that goes? Well, this is how it turned out.

Top O’ the Frosty Morning Breakfast

At the end of every rainbow you will find a full and satisfied FAMILY!!! Frosty’s Magically Delicious Pancake Recipe 2c Milk 2 Eggs Pinch of Salt 1/3c Sugar Splash of Vanilla 2 tablespoon melted Butter or Margarine 1 1/4c Self-Rising Flour Mix wet ingredients with mixer or whisk. Mix dry ingredients…add Flour slowly while stirring […]

Hit the Deck…Frosty Style!

The TV morning show team from WIFR 23 (local CBS) station paid me a visit on Thursday, July 14th. Aaron Wilson and I had a great time showing the TV viewers ways to “frost” their outdoor living spaces. We came up with so many inexpensive ways to add an element of “special”…like cutting a piece […]