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NEW Flag Banners are Stylish and Classy!

Beautiful Hand Painted Banner. Limited. Signed. Special. 20.5″w x 33″h

I can do this!

Focus on the things you’re proud to be a part of and then believe in yourself! “I am strong. I have skills. I can do this.” (Morning sketch inspired today by my Maddie and her lifelong love for soccer. Today is her first HS game of the season.)

Be Early

You know that bird in your group, the one who is always early and prepared? She honors you and respects the work. You can count on her. I have noticed. I give this advice to my girls…Be early. This is today’s “Morning Sketch”.

You are Light and Love…

Message to my girls…everywhere. “Don’t ever doubt your ability, or the difference you are making, or the way you light up the world.” -MR I painted this image of a butterfly to remind us all that we are magnificent. We are beings of light and love. Keep on keeping on! xox lisA

Morning Sketches…

I enjoy feeling free to paint my true thoughts, ideas and feelings. For those of you who follow my Facebook and Istagram page, you are familiar with my “Morning Sketches”. Each day I wake and sketch an idea with soul. My hope is to reach and inspire you to go forth into your day and […]

Something is whispering to me…

Last Wednesday, I flew home from Colorado with my two daughters. I sat next to my 16 year old. She was filled with anxiety for the flight, the school work she missed, getting home, etc. I could feel it. So during the flight, I sketched the above drawing for her. I thought it may help […]

Snow Days

Meet Mister Frosty Pants. He is a special character I have created based on my husband… and the painted pants I have made him wear from time to time. Mister Frosty Pants knows it has been a long winter and he knows how you can’t help but have feelings of isolation, non-productivity, frigid toes, dry […]

True Friends…

I found this quote from the “Lessons Learned in Life”.  And this one jumped out to me.  I grabbed my chalkboard canvas, sat under the tree and thought about this message. It is so TRUE!  It is a life lesson that we ALL must walk through…and I believe that getting to the other side makes […]

The Summer Bucket List Review…

At the top of the summer I created a list of things I wanted to do.  I called it my “Summer Bucket List”. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of arriving at Labor day and asking myself, “hummm, what did I do this summer?” I am so proud, I accomplished some NOT all […]

Stair Stepper

How are you doing with your own personal goals? Taking a little bit longer and harder to achieve than you thought? Well, stay determined. Have faith. Stop listening to the nay-sayers. Take some time to remember your own worth.  Think of all the things you have accomplished. Know what you can-do. And take the step. […]


Did you know you can put “itarian” after any word and make it a movement or somewhat official? At any rate, I recently referred to myself at a “Dreamitarian”. I did it upon reflection. At the end of the day, I really do believe in dreams, both yours and mine…and having the power to make […]


Stuga is the Swedish word for cottage. Yesterday, on my search for the LF art studio… a friend took me to see this little Stuga nestled in the woods, near a rolling creek, secretly hidden in the web of my city. It is very tiny but it has a busload of charm and nostalgia. Look […]