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Tipsy Patriotic Jello

WOW your guests this Fourth of July…with this super cute and “Frostyum” recipe. The only tricky part is finding a place in your fridge to lean your glasses while the blue jello sets. (That’s the tipsy part…hardy har har!) Also, you could get creative and really make it “special” by adding spirits for an “adult” […]

Frosty Sherbert-Geletin Whipper Snapper’s Dream…

Refreshing and delightful! My sister has made this a popular treat around these parts. It’s super easy, pretty and tasty. Here is what you need: 2 boxes of Jello (3 oz pick flavor, I did strawberry fusion) 1/2 quart of sherbet (pick flavor, I did the lemon-raspberry-orange flavor) 1 8 oz. of cool whip Directions: […]