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NEW Flag Banners are Stylish and Classy!

Beautiful Hand Painted Banner. Limited. Signed. Special. 20.5″w x 33″h

Discovery Center Museum Stops by for an Interview

On March 28th, 2016 the Discovery Center Museum stopped by for an Artist Interview. I am working with them on a collaboration for a new exhibit. I am very passionate about the Museum and their tremendous and positive effect on young people.

WONDERFUL Times Ahead!

NEW this year…and one of my favorites. I love the wood grain effect I painted in the background. I love the sparkly lettering. Ahhhh. Hmmmmmm. So pretty.

Artist Signing in Texas!

There is no place in the country like Miss Cayce’s. It is the most magical place in the LAND! Thank you Miss Cayce’s and West Texas for the fabulous FROSTY party this past weekend. Your land is rich in oil…but your people are richer in kindness and hospitality!!! Thank you, thank you for supporting my […]

Frosty spotted in Bonn, Germany….

While traveling overseas my girlfriend spotted my Welcome Banner hanging in the hallway of a flat in Bonn, Germany…. I LOVE it!!!

John the Painter

 John Lee spent about two weeks painting the interior walls of my home. I spent quite a bit of time talking to him. He loved talking about fishing trips with his Dad. Sadly, his Dad got sick and passed away. He asked me if I had the ability to paint his Dad’s portrait. He had […]

I created some pieces for the Grad…

 I made some creative pieces for graduation! For sale on my website link in bio. I’m excited for my Maddie girl. She is graduating from high school next month.#maddiefrostmakesmelaugh #graduation #lisafrost #lisafrosty #boylan

Love painting…

Finished a large canvas painting … of three who had (and still have) great power to influence through love , peace and quiet strength. #threelittlebirds #imagine #jackieo

Feeling Good Music

I created an original piece for the Symphony. The piece titled “Feeling Good Music” and sized at 18 x 24″acrylic painting on Birchwood.  I planned a juxtaposed composition. I used three elements. A music stand, a piano and a violin.  To me, this is a visual interpretation of feeling good music. For instance, if you […]

Frosty Christmas Doorway

 Look at this beautiful doorway! It is so whimsical and fun with my art work represented. It is the perfect solution to double doors. Thank you for sharing Kim Cooper.

New items in the Shop! 

I have some beautiful new pieces that I have just added to the shop. I just LOVE my new valentine banner. It has a vintage feel to it and reminds me of a valentine long ago. However it’s still maintains the Frosty way with a curvy shape, swirly paint strokes, and distinctive script. I will […]

Painted Windows Downtown

 City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in frosty style ! One of my favorite things to do each year is to paint the Rockford area convention and visitors Bureau windows for the Stroll on State.  I hope that if you’re local,  you will have a chance to go downtown to see the windows ! It’s a […]

NEW Football with Ribbons…Door Hanging

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? Me too. I created this Frosty Football with interchangeable ribbons so that you can show your team spirit. Football ribbon colors can be changed to the colors of your team. For instance, Bear fans can choose orange and blue ribbons… Packer Fans can choose green and gold ribbons…and you […]

Welcome Autumn

I LOVE Football games! Cooler temps! Colorful trees! Pumpkins! So I created this Welcome Autumn Banner… ta-da!!! I hope you love it too.

Fall FROSTY Open House

Save the Date! September 10th! So much FUN!

Pencil Me IN…

It’s Back to School time! Sharpen your pencils class! I made a banner to commemorate this special time of year! In the past few years, it has become wildly popular to use social media to post pics of the kids on the first day of school. I LOVE it. ( I have chosen the same […]

Over my Head!

I did it! I measured the corn today. I live in the Midwest…and cornfields are all around. This is the 4th year I have go out into the fields to check. I hope to keep doing this until I am an old, old lady. I am 5′ 7″. So I hope that helps as you […]

Watermelon Jell-O shots on Frosty Flags for 4th!!!

Stand-out from the crowd with these watermelon Jell-O shots that can be served on my little Frosty Flag. Super easy! Here’s what you do: cut limes in half, Scoop out lime’s, make strawberry or watermelon Jell-o, add vodka to Jell-o recipe when it calls for cold water, pour into limes that you line in a […]

I love the 4th of July

It’s finally here! The week of the 4th. Do you want to know a great way to show your love for your country and stand out from the crowd? Decorate with my flags. They are whimsy and special. My work is especially near and dear because all of my pieces are now made in America. […]

Valentine’s Day…just got personal!

My signature FROSTY Heart has taken on a NEW format this year…and I love it! The heart is made of super durable vinyl and it is personal-izable. It is a little larger than a greeting card. It is a perfect little love note.

You’re so WELCOME

I made this banner for one of my favorite holidays…Valentines Day. It is for sale in my shop. I hope you love it as much as I do!!! Have a great day… Stay Frosty, lisA fRosT

Happy New Year…Happy New Adventures!

Hi Friends! I’m getting ready to embark on a NEW and exciting experience. I am heading to Atlanta, Ga for the biggest gift show in the LAND. Tell your favorite retailers to come and see me. It is my first time exhibiting on my own. I was accepted to exhibit in the “Made in America” […]


On November 29, 2014 FROSTYLAND rolled into the City Hall of Rockford, Illinois for one night of shopping and FUN! Thousands of people strolled through the space finding lots of holiday gifts and decorations for their loved ones. I appreciate the opportunity and the JOY to participate in such a beautiful community event. I am […]

Trick or Treat this Halloween!

I decorated the door! I hung up my Christmas green (and Halloween-ed it) because in a few weeks it will be too cool to do it. I used those little plastic pumpkin buckets for decoration. I added glittery bats. It was fast and furious, the whole project only took me about 30 minutes. Oh…how FUN! […]

Trick or Treat Burlap Banner

HI Frosty Friends! Halloween is coming! I made this festive burlap banner for my front door. I just love the way it turned out. Over time, the edges of the burlap with fray and I will love it even more. I am selling them in my shop! Have a great FALL day. xox lisA *follow […]

My new Cross Body Bag

I am in LOVE with my new Cross Body Bag! It is the first bag we have ever developed in the lisA fRosT studio and I am beaming with pride. I have worked with Peggy Giannangeli for a few months perfecting the design. (Remember, Peggy is a scientist so we created many samples and gathered […]

It’s September…Happy Fall!

AHHHHH…the first day after Labor Day is the unofficial first of Fall. I’m looking forward to hot apple cider, pumpkin lattes, bountiful harvest, bright vibrant colors, football games and spending time with family and friends! Happy Fall Pumpkins… are in the shop while they last.

Sarah’s Zucchini Bread

My garden is producing Zucchini like mad. This morning, I made my friend Sarah Copeland’s Golden Zucchini Bread and topped it with Ricotta, cinnamon, walnuts and pears. OOOOOOOwie!!! Best. Zucchini Bread. Ever. Sarah Copeland is the food director for Real Simple Magazine. Check out here work here: http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/ She is also the author of two […]

Wanna Be Wanna Be my FROSTY Ambassador?

Are you social media savvy and interested in becoming a FROSTY Brand Ambassador? If chosen, you could receive new release, FREE, frosty products. Oh-la-la! lisA fRosT studio is so excited to announce our first ever Brand Rep Search. We are looking for 2 ladies (or gents) to be the official #FROSTYAMBASSADOR to lisA fRosT studio! […]

Wine Dinner Party

This past Saturday night we hosted a wine dinner for six couples at our home. A wine dinner is a multi-course dinner (e.g., appetizer, main course, dessert) in which an appropriate wine is served with each course. “Pairing” refers to treating the course and the wine as a “pair” that go together. I set the […]

Frosty Almanac July 4th, 2014

Knee high by the 4th of July means that your corn better be knee high by the 4th of July or your crop could be a failure. According to my Frosty Almanac and observational measurement of the land here in the middle of America… we are “Head High by the 4th of July”. My prediction […]

Frosty Summer Slush Cocktail

A grown-up slushy…what could be better than that? My MIL, Louise Frost gave me this recipe she had written down on a napkin from a party she had attended years ago. It’s a keeper, trust me!!! It tastes so good and refreshing…beware of drinking too much! ***Make the day ahead. You will need: 8 cups […]

Frost Yourself this Fourth of July!

Do you have a pair of old jeans? Well…cut them into shorts and then tatter them, pattern them and fringe them UP! Re-purposed and FROSTY! 1. Find a partner to work with… 2. Put the jeans on… 3. Have your partner mark with a pen and a series of dots around the leg of where […]

Tipsy Patriotic Jello

WOW your guests this Fourth of July…with this super cute and “Frostyum” recipe. The only tricky part is finding a place in your fridge to lean your glasses while the blue jello sets. (That’s the tipsy part…hardy har har!) Also, you could get creative and really make it “special” by adding spirits for an “adult” […]

Time to make the Donuts…Chocolate Cake Donuts!!!

My family LOVES donuts! I have been wanting to make donuts for quite a while now. I have been intrigued by the Donut Vault in Chicago and Voodoo Donuts in Portland. So I believe the best way to learn something is to dive right and in this case…start creating. I am an artist in the […]

World Cup Fever!

I have World Cup fever! In celebration of Team USA…I painted a Banner.

Cheerful Outfits

First of all, I totally apologize for the Selfie. BUT, I found this groovy lace headband at… the garden store? Yes, that’s right, the garden store. Well, it just goes to show you that brick & mortar stores are having to get really creative with their inventory. I LOVE it. It reminds me of my […]

World’s Greatest Dad

Happy Father’s Day. I made a hand painted seal of 100%, pure-of-heart (and gold) approval. Stamped on my guys. xox lisA

Saturday Sangria

YOU have to try this refreshing Sangria recipe. I served it last night on our deck in little painted mason jars. It was a HIT! The secret to the recipe is to let the wine, rum and fruit marinate in the fridge about three hours before serving. Once that portion of the recipe is chilled…top […]

Stephanie’s Rhubarb Cake

Rhubarb is abundant in the spring. I grew up with it and Mom always made cakes and pies. Everyone in my family loves the tartness of the flavor…especially the men in my family. My German friend Stephanie is an amazing cook. She gave me this recipe in the early spring. This cake is AMAZZZING and […]

Keep On Truckin’…

Life provides lessons on a daily basis. Sometimes it takes a small crisis to recognize while asking, “Hey, what did I learn from this experience?” Yesterday my husband Kevin and I encountered a small crisis… and this is what I learned: 1. Stay calm in the midst of crisis… 2. Keep important phone numbers on […]

Goodbye Hello Old Friend

Kim was my friend in college. Our waitressing gig landed us as fast friends. We were pretty close. Kim was so pretty she could have been a model, she was funny and always made me laugh, she was loyal and she absolutely loved animals. On the weekends when I would go out to the bars […]

Summer is here!

The kids are finally out of school and summer has officially started around here. My family LOVES ice cream. I think they are obsessed with it. ( Kevin’s grandparents owned the Sugar Bowl soda bar and I think he was born with it in his DNA. Lol!) At any rate, we make a weekly treat-stop […]

Reclaiming my week….Seizing the Journey (week ending June 7, 2014)

I made a Summer Bucket List. It is my third summer in a row of making one. It helps me to accomplish goals and add more PLAY into my life. I love it! Have you tried it? I highly encourage this practice. Write it down and cross it off and watch the magic happen. I […]

How to make a HAPPY day even HAPPIER…

I was in charge of the decorating and favors for the 8th grade graduation at my daughter’s school. I wanted to create something joyful, relevant and personal. Then it struck me. You know those little faces that show emotions on your cell phone? They are called Emojis. My daughter uses them all the time to […]


Memorial Day. Never forget. Always honor. Please be thankful for the men and women who have served and protected the United States of America! Many families will remember their fallen heros this weekend. And my Memorial Day heart is filled with sadness for their lives cut short but filled with gratitude and total and complete […]

Memorial Day

I made a new FLAG Banner this year. I LOVE my country! (I really love-love-love the way it turned out.) It’s hard to see but I have added glitter to the stars so it sparkles. This piece is something you can keep up all summer long because we move from Memorial Day…to Independence Day….to Labor […]

Focus with a little Lead Foot!

It’s hard to FOCUS. Especially in this day and age. But when we FOCUS we can achieve great things… I believe this! How do we get there? I’m searching myself. When I was in the 7th grade, I attended a Creative and Performing Arts school. My first class of the day was Theater. My teacher, […]

Reclaiming my week…Seizing the Journey! Week ending May 3rd

I’m a romantic. I love birthdays. I happen to celebrate mine this past week. I am not an ego maniac. I just like to view the birthday as a Happy New Year of sorts. It’s when the sun and the stars and the planets line up to that same place as they were the day […]

The Church Lady

My parish, Holy Family is celebrating a HUGE milestone this weekend, a 50 year Anniversary. The nice lady from the church called me in a frenzy. She told me how she has been working on the committee to make sure everything is in place for the weekend of festivities. She ran into some trouble trying […]

Marble Eggs

I love to dye eggs for Easter. I am just like you. A girl who is always learning and trying new things. This year, I tried the marbleizing technique for my eggs. Directions: Start with dry, colored eggs. Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to one of the cups filled with a dark colored dye. […]

Flowers for Her…From Start to Finish

Pieces of a Birch Tree keep appearing near my front door.My friend, Renee told me that Birch wood is a Native American symbol of “new beginnings”.I felt compelled to use the Birch wood that came to my door. I cut out heart shapes and attached them to the backside of the Birch wood panels that […]

Quilt a lisA fRosT Banner…what a great idea!

I am preparing for Art Scene in April. (Art Scene is a gallery walk of visual artists showcasing their work.) My exhibit of 18 Birch wood paintings is called “Flowers for Her” and it is a tribute to my Mom.I am beyond EXCITED! My best friend, Peggy (an avid quilter) approached me about creating a […]

I can do this!

Focus on the things you’re proud to be a part of and then believe in yourself! “I am strong. I have skills. I can do this.” (Morning sketch inspired today by my Maddie and her lifelong love for soccer. Today is her first HS game of the season.)

Be Early

You know that bird in your group, the one who is always early and prepared? She honors you and respects the work. You can count on her. I have noticed. I give this advice to my girls…Be early. This is today’s “Morning Sketch”.

Make good choices…

You know that feeling you get in your gut when you first encounter someone or something? I call it intuition. Trust it. (I am always telling this to my daughter…trust yourself.) This is today’s Morning Sketch”…

Mom’s Fannie May Mint Cake

I grew up always looking forward to the next time Mom would make the Fannie May Mint Cake. It is a little bit like fudge…a little bit brownie…a little bit amazzzzing! 1/2 c margarine 1 c sugar add 4 eggs 1 lb. can of hershey’s chocolate syrup 1 c plus 1 t flour 1t vanilla […]

Let it go…My Morning Sketch

Today’s morning sketch is a little bit of feeling, a little bit of Libbie, a little bit of jelly fish, and a little bit of Matisse. My message: Let it go. I believe we all hold anxieties within ourselves that get stuck in our heads. Sometimes they are on constant repeat mode. I have found […]

Eggplant Pizza

On Saturday, our friends, Jan and Dan came over. We artfully made pizzas! This one was my absolute favorite. I found the recipe in Martha Stewart Living and altered it a bit. Here it is…you MUST try it! EGGPLANT, PISTACHIO and POMEGRANATE PIZZA 1 store bought pizza crust 1 sliced eggplant, thinly sliced lengthwise into […]

You are Light and Love…

Message to my girls…everywhere. “Don’t ever doubt your ability, or the difference you are making, or the way you light up the world.” -MR I painted this image of a butterfly to remind us all that we are magnificent. We are beings of light and love. Keep on keeping on! xox lisA

Flowers for Her…Number 5

The world around us and the world within us are both brimming with potential. (-written by Nancy Rainwater) Every moment has potential. Carpe Diem!

Morning Sketches…

I enjoy feeling free to paint my true thoughts, ideas and feelings. For those of you who follow my Facebook and Istagram page, you are familiar with my “Morning Sketches”. Each day I wake and sketch an idea with soul. My hope is to reach and inspire you to go forth into your day and […]

Flowers for Her…Number 4

You are present. What you do today, will soon be history. Clear the trail… and create a path for others. Pay it forward. Be present.

Flowers for Her…Number 3

Be blessed. God’s light lives in us. He gives every one of us the gift to bless others. To honor him is to use the gift. When you bless… you change the world. (- written by my friend, Anna Pereira) Be Blessed.

Flowers for Her…Number 6

The “Flowers for Her” exhibit opens on April 11th. I am working everyday on the pieces for the show. I feel so happy when I am painting. I know this is my true calling. I have completed another piece for the installation.

Don’t Give Up

The winter Olympics just ended. I was cheering for Mikaela Shiffrin from the women’s downhill ski slalom team. I feel an affinity toward her because she is from Eagle-Vail where we have our ski home.I even signed her “good luck” card just last week. She skied to a GOLD medal in Sochi, Russia becoming the […]

Something is whispering to me…

Last Wednesday, I flew home from Colorado with my two daughters. I sat next to my 16 year old. She was filled with anxiety for the flight, the school work she missed, getting home, etc. I could feel it. So during the flight, I sketched the above drawing for her. I thought it may help […]

Get your 4 Leaf Clover on!

It has been a long, cold winter for most of the country. So with “frosty” cheer, I made some clovers to accentuate my warm and happy thoughts of Spring. I LOVE them and I hope you do too! Available now while supplies last in Rockford at Wonderland Books (in the Edgebrook Center) or right here […]

Flowers for Her…Number 2

Flowers for Her…Number 2. Mom has this warm and happy way about her. If you stay with her for a while you will notice a certain twinkle in her green eyes… highlighted by her frosted blue eyeshadow. She wears make-up less and less these days and that is okay. Hopefully this bunch will help her […]

I Gift You a Chocolate Cupcake

I made a Chocolate Cupcake (puffy painted decor piece) for my friends at the Arc! (The Arc is an organization that serves people with disabilities.) Best wishes for their BIG fundraiser, Chocoholic Frolic tonight. xox lisA

Frost Be Mine?

You see…I have this thing about holidays. My inner child comes out to play. In these times I believe, it is important to be kind to your inner child. And that is exactly what I did. So…I filled the house with balloons and hearts and made treats. I ask the quintessential question, “Be mine valentine”? […]

Flowers for Her…Number 1

Flowers for Her…Number 1. Long winter. Short days. Record breaking cold days. Mom loves flowers. I’m hoping if I paint flowers it will bring Spring sooner. I’m hoping if I paint flowers it will bring joy to the world. I’m hoping if I paint flowers… it will bring her back. I’m losing her you know. […]

True Love

Meet True Love. She is waiting on One N. Only. (He is still a work in progress…aren’t they all?) Hardy har har. What does True want for Valentine’s Day? Time. She says we are so busy working so hard that we very seldom have time just for each other. Let’s spend some time together…

Land of Lincoln Girl

I’m from Illinois. My husband is a lawyer. I have a huge affinity for Abraham Lincoln. Tonight we are attending the President’s Ball for the Bar Association. I am donating this special painting. On the backside I wrote this famous Lincoln quote, “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade”. (And of course […]

Snow Days

Meet Mister Frosty Pants. He is a special character I have created based on my husband… and the painted pants I have made him wear from time to time. Mister Frosty Pants knows it has been a long winter and he knows how you can’t help but have feelings of isolation, non-productivity, frigid toes, dry […]

“Oh, what the KALE”…Smoothie

“Oh, what the KALE”…I decided to jump on the smoothie band wagon! I also decided to dive into this new cookbook “FEAST” written by Sarah Copeland. (Available for sale at Wonderland Books, Crate & Barrel, and Amazon.) I really love this girl. She inspires me. She is from my hometown. Her motto, “eat cake & […]

Messages to my Daughters…

My daughters are so busy with school.. and sports… and friends. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down, as a family and just “be”. Sometimes when I talk to them, they tune me out. But, I think I have found a way to reach them! I decided I would doodle little messages and tape them to […]

BIG Heart

I have created this Big Heart…hundreds of times. But yesterday this Big Heart was warmed by my neighbor Kristin who put it on her front door and wrote about it on her Facebook. She joyfully remembered where she got it, the benefit it was for (Ethan), her quiet memory of a special little boy, and […]

Good as GOLD Hearts

I’ve been making fun and happy pieces in the studio that make a perfect way to show your love. I made a gold heart this year. I was inspired by my friends who did so many nice things for me. I would constantly catch myself saying, “you’re as good as gold”. And then voila! I […]

Little Angel Artist…

I painted this portrait of Grace and her Dad. She was 11. She passed away this week. She had been suffering from Crohn’s disease. Her dad, Charles (Chuck) is my good friend. He was the best Dad he could be. I know this for certain. Heart wrenching. I can hardly bear to think of what […]

My painted Christmas Gift…

I love to paint portraits. Ever since I can remember I have loved painting portraits. In fact, Mom and Dad have a family portrait that I created as a child still hanging in their home.There is something about it that feels so natural to me. This Christmas, I struggled about what to give (the hardest […]

A beautiful something happened to me…

Over the holidays, Kevin and I stopped by the Poor Clares monastery in my hometown. I love going there. Makes me feel closer to God. It feels mysterious and amazing. I wrote a note to the sisters and I asked them for prayers. I asked them to pray to help me reach people through my […]

I’ll stand by you…

My January heart told me to paint these birds. I felt inspired by looking out the big picture window at the place where I get my hair done. The window overlooks the woods and the creek. The cardinals love that spot. This couple reminds me of an old married couple. (Kind of funny how I […]

I think I can…I think I can…

It is the new year. I resolve to lose weight and exercise. So I went to the gym. I was totally intimidated and scared. (But then I remembered my self talk about baby steps and not being so hard on myself. I toughened up. I said to myself, “I think I can…I think I can…”) […]

Memory Stone

My oldest daughter, Maddie is a high-school swimmer. So I know first-hand that the swim team is a close group of folks. The coaches, kids and other parents become part of your family. So I was very saddened to receive a message and request this week to create a piece for a swim coach from […]

My New Year Wish Tree

I hosted some friends and family on New Year’s Eve. Earlier that day, I asked my Dad what he remembers from his youth about New Year’s Eve. And he said he remembered putting out fresh fruit as a symbol of good things to come in the new year. So…. in Dad’s spirit, I filled a […]

Happy New Year’s Eve

A shinny new year is upon us once again …and I can’t wait! Mom would always request I play the song, “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve. I would say, “Mom, what does it mean?” She would say it means “Oh long ago. Share a drink with friends and celebrate your friendship”. I like […]

On the 8th day of Christmas…

My true love gave to me… 8 cheerful Reindeer, 7 Snowgirl cakes, 6 Cucidati cookies, 5 Frosty Santas, 4 local fashions, 3 girls volunteering, 2 burlap banners and some FROSTY DE-CORAT-ING!!!

On the 7th day of Christmas…

My true love gave to me…7 Snowgirl cakes, 6 Cucidati cookies, 5 Frosty Santas, 4 local fashions, 3 girls volunteering, 2 burlap banners and some FROSTY DE-CORAT-ING!!! This is my daughter Maddie. It is her 16th Birthday today and lucky number seven in our countdown. I LOVE her to the moon and back and want […]

ON the 4th day of Christmas…

ON the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… FOUR LOCAL FASHIONS… Three girls volunteering, Two burlap banners and some FROS-TEE DECORAT-ING

ON the Third day of Christmas…

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Three girls volunteering… ( at Frost & Friends, Libbie is on the left.) Two Burlap Banners… And some FROS-TEE De-cor-ating. Look at this FROSTY Tree created by Rosann, a Demdaco Account Representaive! Amazzzzing!

On the second day of Christmas…

ON the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…2 Burlap Banners for some FROST-TEE DE-COR-RAT-ING! I made these burlap Banners as a NEW product this year. They were a bear to paint but I just loved the way they turned out.

ON the first day of Christmas…

ON the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…FROS-TEE DECORAT-ING! Here is what I did on the first day of Christmas… I decorated my front door. I added some fresh greens to my artificial. I filled the greens with globe lights and shatterproof balls. For something different I balled-up tinsel and used […]

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…

Frost & Friends is this weekend. I’m sorry I haven’t posted this week but we are in full blown Santa’s workshop around here. If you are local, I hope you can come to the Clock Tower Resort Friday or Saturday. If not, I will post pics and treasures on the website shortly thereafter. I am […]

Swim Baby Swim

Last night, I was getting ready for bed after a date night out with the hubby for Mexican food and good times. I thought the whole house was asleep. I went into the home office to shut down the computer. My oldest daughter Maddie,15, came in. She said, “Ma, I can’t sleep. I feel anxious. […]

Behind the Fashion Show

Four years ago I created a fashion show at my holiday event known as Frost & Friends. (You know, Frost & Friends is that Holiday Show I produce where I sell my pieces, gather with artists and businesses and raise money to fund Art Scholarships for young people.) My intern Annabel Carrillo, was just a […]

Caramel Apple-tini

Caramel Apple-tini for two:) Here is what you need: 6 ounces sour apple schnapps 4.5 ounces butterscotch schnapps 3 ounces vodka 1-2 tablespoons caramel sauce green apple slices In a martini shaker mix /cut in half the ingredients/ mix with ice, shake and strain into a glass. Drizzle in some caramel sauce. Repeat process for […]

Come on baby light my FIRE!

I made some Candy Corn S’mores for the Fall Bonfire (that is on my Fall Bucket List.) It was super duper easy. All you need: Jumbo Marshmallows Edible Markers (Wilton cake Decorating) Chocolate bars graham Crackers candy corn Frosting 1. Use the edible markers and decorate your marshmallows before you assemble. 2. Assemble your s’more […]

Supporting each other…

Every day we get a little closer to Frost & Friends, my Holiday Shopping Event. I share the show with tons of other exhibitors, sponsors, partners. I am feeling so INSPIRED to… BUY all my Christmas presents at Frost & Friends this year. Because my dollars will support local friends, artists, small businesses, craftspeople, bakeries, […]

We Belong…Frosty Fashions

Last year, I received a request for local items. Items with a local connection but still with a Frosty Flavor. I started my mission by creating a coffee mug. I painted a whimsical scene of my hometown and superimposed it onto a mug. I named it “We Belong in Rockford, Illinois”. I launched the sale […]

Favorite Team Pumpkin

I like painting pumpkins. It makes them last longer. My community, family and friends is sports crazy! So I thought no better sports team to cheer than our beloved Chicago Bears. 1. Sketch out your design on paper 2. Paint a coat of primer or gesso and let completely dry 3. Sketch your design on […]

SHARE the Fall Bucket list with your friends and family

hello pumpkin treat

I mixed red and yellow food coloring into the melted marshmallows. I buttered a piece of wax paper and rolled them like giant meatballs.Next, I placed three stick pretzels and attached a leaf of green made of fondant. SUPER easy.

Frosty Fast Pass

What is the Frosty Fast Pass? The Frosty Fast Pass is a VIP pass that invites guests to come to my show known as Frost & Friends 1 hour early. It is a great way to be a part of the biggest party in town and the best holiday shopping of the year that gives […]

3 Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies

Want to cut the oil out of the traditional box mix brownie? Want to get festive for the fall season? Here is an idea. Mix one box of Brownie for a 13×9 pan and one large can of Pumpkin Puree. No eggs no oil… Bake as directed. (I baked it for 38 minutes on 350.) […]

Shut the front DOOR!!!

Shut the front door…so I can see the cute scarecrow. Not quite Halloween…so I made a scarecrow to brighten up these beautiful fall days. They are for sale in my shop while supplies last. Thank you for stopping by. xox lisA

Snow Couple

Two is better than one. Great holiday gift for the newlyweds…or mom and dad. Looks great on the door or by the Christmas tree. Display it all winder long. I will have them in-stock at Frost & Friends. $54.

Happy Fall 2013

I asked the little boys in my carpool what they liked most about fall. The twelve year old replied that he liked the way all the neighbors decorated their porches and doors for the season. With that…I rushed home and started decorating. I am in love with my NEW pumpkin this year. I used it […]

Where are my keys???

I am in love with these key rings! I think they are the perfect stocking stuffer…or that little extra something-something. Who get’s frustrated digging into the depths of our purse searching for keys? Not anymore. The keys chains are artful and heavy and distinctive. I will have these at Frost & Friends…and in the shop […]

Planting the Seeds of Hope…

I received a special request to paint a piece. I immediately knew where to start…in my garden. It is a painting of strength, optimism, heart and hope. I LOVE the way it came forth from within. It will be part of a raffle that can be bid on and will be displayed in the breast […]


I absolutely LOVE these new frosty ornaments. I think the JOY VW Beetle is my favorite. I will have them for sale at Frost & Friends on November 15 & 16th. I can’t wait to see you. xox lisA

Libbie’s Favorite Cookie Cake

Libbie loves cookie cake. She requests a cookie cake every year for her birthday. I do not like to buy store-bought birthday cakes. Therefore, I have been working in my test kitchen to create the perfect recipe for Libbie’s cookie cake. She absolutely LOVED this one I made… What you will need: 1/2 cup of […]

Welcome Traveling Travelers

“When you love something, your passion is contagious.” Who said that? It’s TRUE. Last week I was asked by my city of Rockford, Illinois to host an Art & Culture Tour to a group of traveling journalists and bloggers from all over the country. It was a magical day. Our first stop was to Starlight […]

FRYE boots are kickin!

I am a boot girl. It is no secret that I have wanted the “real” Frye boots for quite some time. In fact, I have had the imitation Frye boots and wore them until the sole peeled off. Just this week, my hubby surprised me with a pair of Fryes…and I have been wearing them […]

Zuckie Zucchini Bread

Zucchini’s are plentiful this time O’ year. (Funny thing happened to me in my gardening adventure this year. I thought I bought, planted and nurtured a zucchini plant for my garden…but instead I got a yellow summer squash. Equally as yummy, but not what I thought or intended. Ha!) My Dad saved the day. Dad […]

Shine on Hope

Dear Hope, Thank you for being that light shining from within that never let’s me give up. Love, me I created this piece of hope…for the country of Haiti. For clean water, safe shelter, beds to sleep, shoes to walk, safe food to eat, and books to read. My friend Rachel, and her family and […]

Rolled Cherry French Toast

I’ve been workin’ and workin’ on an idea for my Frost & Friends Frosty Brunch. Since it is a candyland theme this year, I wanted something sweet and special. I consulted with my celebrity Chef friend, Sylvia Waldsmith and my catering friend, Kristina Johnson. Here is what we came up with… What you need: 1 […]

I love Peach Pie

I LOVE Peaches. My summer bucket list includes a line item, “make a Peach Pie”. No problem o! (This bucket list is keeping me on track…hahahaha!) Kevin’s grandpa was a farmer and he absolutely loved Peach pie. When he was living, I made him peach pie from time to time. Here is a super easy […]

Frosty Land Preview 2013…

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! I have FROSTY on the mind. I want to share with you the preview of my Silvestri Holiday Collection. My friend and extraordinary sales representative, SAM RAMOS from Texas, shared these stunning snapshots of the market display of my collection. Thank you Sam…stay cool (or shall […]

F.R.O.S.T. Business Mantra

This past week I had the opportunity to speak to the “Ladies In Professional Power” organization (thank you ladies) about my “Pay It Forward” approach to doing business. It’s funny, I don’t really think of it as “pay it forward” because that would imply that I want something in return. I don’t think like that […]

Teacher Teacher

August means back-to-school time. Teachers all across the LAND are preparing their classrooms in anticipation of the school year. (I remember when I was teaching how exciting it was decorating my classroom.) In celebration of teachers everywhere… I created a new piece for the classroom that I think will make an excellent addition to the […]

Hop on the Bus Gus…

…make a new plan, Stan. Don’t mean to be coy, Roy… it’s back to school time! Don’t miss the bus. I made this fun little piece for classrooms, teachers, and anyone who loves the spirit of back to school time. xox lisA

POSTER Reveal!!!

Each year, I create a commemorative poster for my annual event Frost & Friends which is the coolest shopping event in the LAND in Rockford, Illinois…and it is to benefit young artists. I am super excited to reveal the 2013 design. FROSTYLAND!!! I am so excited that we are transforming the Clock Tower Resort into […]

Frosty Cold Infused Water

Want a frosty cold fruit infused water? I just made some. Detox and hydrate… Yum!!! There is nothing to it. Put as much fruit in water as you like and let it stand for 30 minutes or more. Did you know that Cucumber and Lime is helpful for water weight management and appetite control? Strawberry […]

4th of July!!!

I LOVE my country! And the celebration of Independence Day always brings out the little kid inside of me. I want my home to be just as playful, festive and fun as it is in my heart. Here are some pictures of my 4th of July decorations. I hope they inspire you to do some […]

Minty Homemade Ice Cream

I have bright green fresh mint growing in the garden. So I looked up this recipe (Cuisinart) and tried this Mint and Peppermint Patty Ice Cream. It makes a sophisticated spin on your ordinary mint ice cream. I love having a garden…and an ice cream maker! Have a great day! xox lisA 1 cup whole […]

NEW product…DrinkBlots!

I am so excited to have a new product… DrinkBlots! DrinkBlots are reusable, recyclable and sturdy coasters. Each set contains 24 Frosty designs, so no two coasters in the deck are the same! I can’t wait to use them as coasters, give them as hostess gifts, string them as garland and make card houses! LOL! […]

Surprise Dad with a Beer Tier Cake!

15 minutes and $15…and I have a great gift for Dad for Father’s day. I used a 24 pack of beer. Okay, I know it’s not Duchesse De Bourgogne…but it’s hipster PBR, and Dad doesn’t care. I gathered-up 3 cardboard discs used for cake decorating. I plugged in my GG (glue gun). I arranged the […]

I found my Thrill…on Blueberry Cupcake Hill

My daughter Libbie bakes again! She is channelling her creativity with this Blueberry Cupcake recipe. After posting this photo on Facebook, the owner of Sugarjones offered Libbie a job when she turns 16. Hahaha. Enjoy this creation…the FROSTing is to die for! 1 package 2 layer-size yellow cake mix 1 4-serving size package cheesecake instant […]

Portraits of Mom and Dad!

On Saturday, June 8th, 2013 from 10:30- Noon and again from 1:00pm- 2:30pm, Children aged 6-12 participated in a summer painting class called “Portraits of Mom & Dad” at Wonderland Books. What a great gift for Father’s Day…anniversaries and simply good creative moments/ memories of childhood!!! It’s like a visual and soulful record of this […]

Frosted Malt Ball Cupcakes

My 12 year old daughter Libbie has a BIG dream to open a cupcake shop one day. I have encouraged her to try all kinds of different recipes. This one in particular, takes the cake…hardy-har-har! We had fun making it together on this nice and cool summer day. Enjoy! xox lisA (We adapted it from […]

Summer Bucket List 2013

Last summer I found it extremely helpful to write down goals for the summer. I asked my daughters, my friends, my heart. It was amazzzing how much I accomplished last year just from keeping a list and goals on the brain. So in the spirit of intention, I have created a list again this year. […]

Rock with me

“Well, a pretty painted bench is good for sitting and resting. Come, sit down. Sit down and rest.” I was commissioned to paint this rocking bench for a preschool teacher’s retirement. Apparently, she and I both love to garden. I have included some pictures of the process from start to finish. Enjoy. xox lisA

Just Twirl!

Do you want to remember what it was like to be a kid? I have an idea. Twirl. (I do it often.) It’s amazzzing how it feels. It’s as if all your troubles cyclone away from you. Who knows? Maybe it helps! Why not give it a spin? Have a great day… xox lisA Dress […]

Frosty Sherbert-Geletin Whipper Snapper’s Dream…

Refreshing and delightful! My sister has made this a popular treat around these parts. It’s super easy, pretty and tasty. Here is what you need: 2 boxes of Jello (3 oz pick flavor, I did strawberry fusion) 1/2 quart of sherbet (pick flavor, I did the lemon-raspberry-orange flavor) 1 8 oz. of cool whip Directions: […]

Frosty Bling!

You’re never fully dressed without a frosty!!! Necklaces and Keychains are coming down the pipeline through my partner Silvestri. Are you a Retailer? Order here… www.demdacoretailers.com

Let your star…SOAR

Let your inner star SOAR!!! New painting for Starlight Foundation Gala- Chicago!

Alicia Porter 2013 Frost & Friends Scholarship Winner

“When I was younger, I always dreamed of becoming an artist.  I would try to draw everything that inspired me.” Meet Alicia Porter.  She is one of our 2013 Frost & Friends Scholarship winners.  She will be a junior in the fall at East High School. Her art teacher, Michelle Dal Pra, said,” Alicia is […]

Magically Delicious…Crock Pot Chicken

Busy people of the LAND…listen-up! My friend Tracy gave me this great recipe on creating the easiest most delicious chicken in your Crock Pot. It literally took my five minutes to prepare- I walked away and forgot about it- and Ta-da…it was MAGICALLY delicious. Once complete… I put the chicken in tortillas with a dollop […]

Mom’s Day Gift Idea…

Mom’s Day gift idea! *Cookies (from local Mary’s Market $1.80 each) *Mom Ornament (lisA fRosT at Wonderland Books in the Edgebrook center, Rockford-IL $10) *CASA cookbook (Fundraiser benefitting CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocate at Wonderland…cover designed by yours truly. $15) *Geranium Plant (Local garden center $14) *Card (Hallmark $3.99) Ta-da…sooooo EASY and so special!!! I […]

Here’s to waiting for good things to arrive!

My Robin painting is now on display through August 4th at the Rockford Art Museum What was in my heart while painting this piece?  I was thinking about this photo my friend  Jane Apitz Doran had posted of a robin in the snow. It made me feel a connection to the robin.  I thought to myself…”while […]

Rise up and SOAR…

My intern Sara Briseño is pretty amazing. She is a revolutionary. She has taken into her hands the heavy issue of immmigration reform. This past week, she organized and planned an event at Rock Valley College called “Immigration though Art”. What an amazing concept. After all, art can articulate what words cannot say.  And for many […]

Let’s Fiesta with Cinco de Mayo

I painted-up a little sombrero for Cinco de Mayo and made it into a door hanging.  Then I got to thinking…this would ALSO be a great gift for the Spanish teacher at my daughter’s school. Enjoy today! xox lisA

My Cinco de Mayo Boyfriend

Need a fun hostess gift?  Here you go.  The Cinco de Mayo Boyfriend! He comes fully equipped…hahaha.  Take a look at what I put together to create this soon-to-be memorable party. A clear glass pitcher (I added ribbons to the handle)… 1 bottle of red wine (dolled-up with a little Hawaiian shirt sleeve I found […]

Frosty Derby Hat

I have been asked to be the judge of a Kentucky Derby Hat fashion contest at the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens  It is tomorrow.  I am so excited!!! Attendees can view the 139th annual Kentucky Derby while hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are served. MINT JULEPS!!! Guests can also wear their best hat or bow tie […]

Feeling ALIVE…

Sometimes you just need a big smiley face balloon to remind yourself how GREAT life is!!! (And that is how I feel about Birthdays…) Thank you for being my JOY. xox lisA

Easy like Sunday Morning…

My Blue bird shoes of happiness!

Say, I Love You, MOM!!!

I have so many pieces that Mom would love.  I made them happy and cheerful and full of color. Take a look…

Maddie’s Room…

This is my Maddie girl. She is 15…and tired of her room.  The cute and colorful soccer balls that I hand painted on the walls had spent enough time with her.  Time for a new look, she said! Maddie gave me a litte direction. She said she wanted it to be more “grown up” looking […]

Clothes Line…

These are my outdoor flags.  They make me so happy.  Happy Spring! xox lisA

Dreamin’ Big

  Getting ready to give 15 art scholarships and Dream Big sketchbooks for passionate and deserving and talented high school art students!!! This is my 12th year… Read more about my Scholarship Program. www.frostandfriends.com  

On the phone? Um, excuse me…can you please HOLD ON?  A call coming in. Riding a bike?  Gotta HOLD ON. Life is no different…HOLD ON. But remember this… Good things come to those who wait…so, HOLD ON! (I’m super excited I designed my Iphone case.) xox lisA  

A Creative Spin on the Easter Bunny

Here is an easy DIY project…just in time for Spring. (My floral designer friend Karen Archer inspired me once again!) Look at the pictures… You will need: 2 honeysuckle wreaths, 15″ and 22″. Loose honeysuckle sticks looped (for ears) Pretty ribbons and tulle in 70″ strands Heavy duty floral wire and wire cutters. Directions: 1. […]

Irish Grasshopper

  1 shot of Creme de Mint 1 shot of Creme de Cacao 8 ounces of milk 1 cup of Vanilla Ice Cream Green Food Coloring Place creme de menthe, creme de cacao, and ice cream  and milk into a blender. Add a few drops of green food coloring. Blend until thick and creamy. Pour […]

St. Joseph’s Altar

A few years ago my oldest friend Amy and I held a St. Joseph Altar in my home. St. Joseph’s day is March 19th. St. Joseph is the patron saint to fathers, carpenters, and Sicilians. My daughter Libbie says, “St Joseph is Jesus’ Dad.” That works too.A St. Joseph Altar is a Sicilian tradition. And […]

Radio Show…this Tuesday!

March…in like a Lion!

out like a Lamb! Let’s hope so. xox lisA

Valentine’s Day

Started out the day with a batch of  heart shaped swedish pancakes!  I added red food coloring to the mix and poured them into hearts.  Then I topped them with chocolate chips and strawberries. Ooooolalalala…won’t you be my valentine? I hope you have a great  Valentine’s Day! xox lisA

Sticky Valentine Project

Need a quick and easy door decoration? Well, here is a fabulous idea. Gather a variety of sticks, like honeysuckle and birch, and place them into a hearty arrangement. (My friend Karen Archer made the one shown here in the photo. I like the way she created a sublime heart with the sticks.) Once you’ve […]

Superbowl Snack Stadium

I Have A Dream…

New painting…  

Valentine Tree

Still have your Christmas Tree?  No worries.  Make it a Valentine Tree. I hope this picture inspires you. I have a white Christmas tree.  I transformed it into a Valentine tree by painting a tree skirt and adding my hand painted swirl ornaments in pink and red. I love it…it makes me happy! Have a […]

Atlanta Gift Show 2013

The Atlanta Gift Show took place last week in Georgia. I have pictures of my new holiday decor product from the Silvestri Showroom. (Retailers interested in carrying the lisA fRosT collection please contact customer service at Demdaco.) I am so excited about the NEW items in my collection like the necklaces, pins, wine glasses and relationship […]

Work of heART

I have been making these canvas puffy hearts for Valentine’s Day ever since I can remember. They are certainly one of my signature pieces. I was inspired to make this piece when I thought to myself… “How BIG is your love?” I think every man in the land should buy this heart for their girl. […]

Craft a Thank You Note…

Hey Miss Manners…ready to put that into action? Great. Let’s get those holiday thank you notes out the door. Here are some tips: 1. Write the note by hand. No Facebook, email, or text thank you’s please. 2. Personalize the note somehow…stamps, smiley face, hand crafted…oooooowie! 3. Write about how you love it…how you’ll use […]

Welcome New Year 2013!!!

Here we are…brand new year.  Yeah! Love it!  Clean slate. Fresh start. New ideas. Build on what we have. Let’s do better, get better and move things forward! I always make a list of goals on New Years Day. “Goals” sounds better than “resolutions”. As you know, I tend to be a girl full of […]

Rockin Frosty Holiday Punch!

I had 24 guests for Christmas Eve therefore I needed a crowd pleasing BEV. So what better than a Rockin’ Frosty Holiday Punch? (On Christmas Eve, I made it non-alcholic by eliminating the Vodka…awww, not as much fun but still delish!) See below for ingredients. Thawed a lime, lemon and orange can of juice. Stirred […]

Silvestri 2012

Thank you Silvestri for another great year of partnership! Looking forward to 2013. xox lisA

Partridge in a Pear Tree Headpiece

I made a headpiece for Christmas this year. I assembled together some silk Christmas greens and two birds and positioned them on the backside of a felt cap.  I called it my Partridge in a Pear Tree Hat.  hahahaha! I love to have FUN! xox lisA

I’ll be home for Christmas

Christmas 2012 was filled with lots of lights this year!  I put up five trees!!! I designed many ornaments this year, but this Family globe is my favorite. I hope your Christmas was merry and bright! xox lisA

Homemade Treats

Merry Christmas! Are you still celebrating? We are. Another gathering tonight. Well, at any rate.  I like this idea and thought I would share it with you. Homemade treats are heartfelt, inexpensive and fun to make! My sister-in-law made one for me and I thought I would take a stab at it.  Here is what […]

Frosty Cake

Ever since I can remember,  I have made a snowman cake for my daughter’s birthday. It is a part of our tradition. This is our 15th edition. My hope is that one day when she is an old lady, her great grandkids will make her a snowman cake on her birthday. That way she’ll always […]

Christmas Decorating

Deck the Halls…Frosty style! Inspiration is everywhere. xox lisA

Frostize that Cupboard

Every girl needs a “special” cupboard…hahahaha!  (I think it is where you should hide your stash of chocolate. ) Well, I wrapped my “special” cupboard with foil wrapping paper. It was EASY and it looks so festive. Here is what you need (hot glue gun optional): First, I eye-balled how much paper I would need. […]

Frosty Stained Glass Candy

I have been making Stained Glass ever since I got married.  In fact, it wouldn’t be Christmas around here without it. I want you to have some too.  If you like chocolate and marshmallows…you’ll fall in LOVE. This is what you need. ( See photo.) Melt Margarine add chocolate chips and melt on low heat, […]

Painted the Town!!!

Yesterday, I painted the town!  The Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau…asked me to paint their windows for holiday cheer/Downtown Holiday and to add more color to the city. I came up with a whimsical design that incorporated SPECIAL things that make the city unique (personified as snowmen of course). My hope was to make […]

Frostini Recipe 2012

This is my Frostini Recipe. It changes every year. This year it is extraordinarly special because it was designed by my friend Sylvia. Try it!  It is delicious… xox lisA  

Let’s Get Frosty Robe…with Ally & Fezz

I am so EXCITED!!! This is my NEW Frosty Robe in my own knit fabric. I have been wanting to create my own fabric for quite some time. I am pleased with the “antique y” colors and character of the fabric.  Makes it feel vintage.  As per usual, I came up with the ideas and […]

I Love Us…

As I was painting this piece…this song played by Dave Matthews.  It inspired me. Since then I have painted it many times for weddings, anniversaries…and for just because. xox lisA “Wanna pack your bags, Something small Take what you need and we disappear Without a trace we’ll be gone, gone The moon and the stars […]

Frosted Window Panes

This is Wonderland…it is where I have my “little studio”. It is located in Rockford, IL in the lovely Edgebrook Mall. Wonderland just happens to be stocked FULL of books and toys and everything FROSTY (my products) for the season. It is the most charming and magical locally owned bookstore in the LAND! They also […]

Planning for Thanksgiving…

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I pulled out some photos from years past for inspiration. In addition to all the food I will prepare, I have fun with creative tablescapes and treats. I thought I would share these photos with you while I get my game-plan together for this year! Happy preparations! xox lisA I […]

Quick Appetizer …When you are on-the-fly!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  People may be stopping by your home. Are you prepared? Here is a quick appetizer idea my friend Sylvia shared with me.  This is what you will need: 1. Cute Platter 2. Chicken Salad from the Deli 3. Mini Fillo Shells purchased at the grocery ( I found them […]

Frost and Friends 2012

Frost & Friends 2012 was magical and bright!!! Thank you to all who came, supported, exhibited and enjoyed!  This was the BEST Frost & Friends YET!!! Check out the Frosty Fashion Show http://www.flickr.com/photos/79806691@N04/sets/72157633407883661/ xox lisA

Frosty the Sock MAN!!!

Once upon a time, there was a snowman named Frosty. He had such a magical spirit and warm heart. He was simply tired of being cold. So he sought out his name sake…the artist lisA fRosT and the doll maker…Socks-that-Rock inc. and he asked them to make him warmer.  And if they did, he would […]

I LOVE Halloween

My friend Becky shared this picture with me of the happenings at her door this Halloween night.  When I painted the “Happy Halloween Banner”…this was my total intent….to Spread Cheer throughout the LAND.  Batman, Robin and Monster Girl are here to help me on my way.  LOVE IT!!! I hope you all had a treat-a-rrific […]

Quick and Easy Designer Pumpkin

1. I glittered the stem on my pumpkin with Mod Podge and glitter…let it dry. 2. Next, I base painted an oval shape with primer/gesso. Let it dry and then I painted beige and white polka dots with craft acrylic paint. 3. I sketched out my initial “L” with chalk on a piece of black […]

Going with the FLO…DIY Halloween Costume

This is my daughter.  She is dressed for Halloween as Flo, from Progressive Insurance.  Certainly if you watch TV you know this character.  Many people have told her they liked her costume. She came up with the idea on her own.  I helped her pull it together.  It is very easy to assemble and can […]

Love Reward

I heard something like this once and it really resonated with me…so I painted it. When you love with no thought of reward of your own,  you truly love. And just putting your heart in the right spot, well, that is the reward. Have a great night! xox lisA

We’re all going BATTY…

Need a quick idea for some easy DIY Halloween decorations?  Simply cut bats out of black construction paper and bedazzle with red gems for the eyes.  Then, position them with masking tape by the window as if they have just flown-in.  (Check out Rockie relaxing in her Chicago style Snuggie…hahahaha!) Have Fun! xox lisA

Frosted Pumpkin Bars

Oooooowie!  Pumpkin Bars are my Libbie’s favorite.  In fact, she couldn’t help herself and stole a bite. (See picture below!)  Like my friend Sylvia said…”If it says Libby-Libby-Libby on the label, how can she resist?”   This is my Mom’s recipe. The little pumpkin candy dish is from the lisA fRosT collection by Silvestri. Enjoy […]

Halloween Tabletop Candle…

SUPER Easy Candle Tabletop Idea! Put together groupings of glassware in different heights…fill with glitter candles in a variety of shapes,sizes and colors…surround with candy corn…TA-DA! xox lisA

The Sky is BLUE with this Frost & Friends scholarship!

Meet Skye.  She is a talented art student who was nominated by her art teachers for the Frost & Friends scholarship this past year. She took the time to report to us about her experience at Summer Art Camp.  She is an amazingly talented and charismatic gal…and I am happy we could help.  I hope […]

From the Land Down Under…

Meet Nicole. Nicole and her husband Andrew flew in from Melbourne, Australia!!! They own a retail outfit in Australia known as “My Christmas“. They carry lisA fRosT creations in their store!  (That makes me soooo HAPPY to know that I have reached Australia…holy cats!) Nicole and Andrew are on a mission to get INSPIRED and […]

A DIY Wedding…

My cousin, Tennyson married her charming Chef and best friend, Gregg… in an old foundry called “Joanna Furnace” just outside of Philadelphia. It was a crisp October day. The wedding ceremony was simple and sweet…and personal. It was an element of charming surprises! The flowers were made of heavy crepe paper.   The flower girls […]

These Boots were made for Frostin’…

   My boots.  I wear them everywhere.  I can bale hay, clean house, sightsee, shop and hike in these bad boys.  Versatile. Comfortable. Extremely well made  by Dansko.  They had me at artsy vintage swirls! xox lisA

Annabel’s Fall

Meet Annabel.  She has been my intern for 4 years.  She is a Fashion Business Major at Columbia in Chicago.  I love her outfits!  She inspires me.  She put this whole outfit together from RESALE shops!!!  She said the secret to shopping in Resale boutiques is to go often and know what you are looking […]

Front Porch FROST

My dream is to have a Banner on every door in the country! Can you spot a Frosty Banner when driving through a neighborhood? It is so easy to decorate with my Banners because they are so BIG and colorful. And you can switch out the Banners for the seasons!  In the pictures below, I […]

Feeling Footloose and Fancy Free…Frosty Style!

I just received sample of my NEW Frosty Socks!  I couldn’t wait to show you.  I am so impressed with the beautiful quality. They can be the fun you need to wear under your slacks, poking out of your ski boots, cowboy boots, jazzing up your uniform skirt, worn with your roller skates, would even […]

True Friends…

I found this quote from the “Lessons Learned in Life”.  And this one jumped out to me.  I grabbed my chalkboard canvas, sat under the tree and thought about this message. It is so TRUE!  It is a life lesson that we ALL must walk through…and I believe that getting to the other side makes […]

Be Yourself

Today’s Self Portrait…