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WONDERFUL Times Ahead!

NEW this year…and one of my favorites. I love the wood grain effect I painted in the background. I love the sparkly lettering. Ahhhh. Hmmmmmm. So pretty.

Feeling Good Music

I created an original piece for the Symphony. The piece titled “Feeling Good Music” and sized at 18 x 24″acrylic painting on Birchwood.  I planned a juxtaposed composition. I used three elements. A music stand, a piano and a violin.  To me, this is a visual interpretation of feeling good music. For instance, if you […]

Happy Fall Burlap Banner

I know it’s still summer…I know it’s still summmer…I know it’s still summer… BUT for those who like to plan ahead, I have something special for you. I haven’t advertised this yet, so consider yourself the FIRST to see it. I hope you like it. I think it will look great on your door and […]

Happy 2014

I wish you blue skies, joy and kindness in your heart (and in your lap), fun adventures to free your spirit, peace and reward in your soul, shinny and stellar well-being and most of all LOVE LOVE LOVE in 2014…and always. I would love to hear from you this year…please post comments. xox lisA

City Sidewalks dressed in FROSTY style

Once again I was asked to paint the town. The mission: “To paint the windows for all the city to enjoy at our Convention and Visitors Bureau in downtown Rockford”. The Frostettes and I braved the cold day (Nov 22 and 23rd). Our paint would literally freeze on our palettes and to help us get […]

Burlap Fall Banner

I have been intrigued by burlap lately. So…I made this Fall Banner. It was way more difficult then it looks. I guess that’s because it is a mesh like surface and it soaks up tons of paint. I love the way it turned out. The fringe like edges give it a rustic feel. Happy Fall! […]

For the love and organization of my fave subject…ART

My favorite art supplies are never far away in the Magic Art Cart that I painted. In fact, this roller cart not only holds all my supplies, it can be displayed nicely on a work day and rolled into the closet the next. I even painted a spot on the back to display a work […]

Frosty Canvas

I am so EXCITED to show you my new piece.  It can be personalized.  I think it makes the COOLEST gift in the land. I posted them for sale in my shop. http://www.lisafrost.com/Personalized-Snowman-Canvas-2012-Personalized-Snowman-Canvas.htm Look below at all the variations. Have a Frosty day! xox lisA    

Let’s Get Frosty Robe…with Ally & Fezz

I am so EXCITED!!! This is my NEW Frosty Robe in my own knit fabric. I have been wanting to create my own fabric for quite some time. I am pleased with the “antique y” colors and character of the fabric.  Makes it feel vintage.  As per usual, I came up with the ideas and […]

Deep Frost on Chalkboard Canvas