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Frosty Almanac July 4th, 2014

Knee high by the 4th of July means that your corn better be knee high by the 4th of July or your crop could be a failure. According to my Frosty Almanac and observational measurement of the land here in the middle of America… we are “Head High by the 4th of July”. My prediction […]

Frost Yourself this Fourth of July!

Do you have a pair of old jeans? Well…cut them into shorts and then tatter them, pattern them and fringe them UP! Re-purposed and FROSTY! 1. Find a partner to work with… 2. Put the jeans on… 3. Have your partner mark with a pen and a series of dots around the leg of where […]

These Boots were made for Frostin’…

   My boots.  I wear them everywhere.  I can bale hay, clean house, sightsee, shop and hike in these bad boys.  Versatile. Comfortable. Extremely well made  by Dansko.  They had me at artsy vintage swirls! xox lisA

Feeling Footloose and Fancy Free…Frosty Style!

I just received sample of my NEW Frosty Socks!  I couldn’t wait to show you.  I am so impressed with the beautiful quality. They can be the fun you need to wear under your slacks, poking out of your ski boots, cowboy boots, jazzing up your uniform skirt, worn with your roller skates, would even […]

Day Dreamer

Do you ever take time in this busy world to slow down, breathe, take-it-all-in? If you haven’t done it lately, I highly recommend it. Today, take a few moments to walk in nature, sit outside in the fresh air, smile at children playing, pray. Trust me, these moments of quiet appreciation will charge and inspire […]

O’Frosty Frock

Today…Inspiration Silo

Spring is coming…I smell it in the air, I hear chripy birds, and my crocus is coming-up. Today is a great day to take a few minutes to appreciate…LIFE. Let go of worry, let go of expectation, just be in the moment and appreciate living. Can you squeeze in a nature walk? Can you take […]

Today’s outfit? I will dress like my painting…

I am a free spirit…and when it comes to clothes and shoes I am true to my soul. I definitely like to mix-it-up with color. I believe it should be fun to get dressed in the morning. For me, it kind of feels like painting but in a different way! (I’m sure I am just […]