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Quilt a lisA fRosT Banner…what a great idea!

I am preparing for Art Scene in April. (Art Scene is a gallery walk of visual artists showcasing their work.) My exhibit of 18 Birch wood paintings is called “Flowers for Her” and it is a tribute to my Mom.I am beyond EXCITED! My best friend, Peggy (an avid quilter) approached me about creating a […]

My New Year Wish Tree

I hosted some friends and family on New Year’s Eve. Earlier that day, I asked my Dad what he remembers from his youth about New Year’s Eve. And he said he remembered putting out fresh fruit as a symbol of good things to come in the new year. So…. in Dad’s spirit, I filled a […]

Favorite Team Pumpkin

I like painting pumpkins. It makes them last longer. My community, family and friends is sports crazy! So I thought no better sports team to cheer than our beloved Chicago Bears. 1. Sketch out your design on paper 2. Paint a coat of primer or gesso and let completely dry 3. Sketch your design on […]

A Creative Spin on the Easter Bunny

Here is an easy DIY project…just in time for Spring. (My floral designer friend Karen Archer inspired me once again!) Look at the pictures… You will need: 2 honeysuckle wreaths, 15″ and 22″. Loose honeysuckle sticks looped (for ears) Pretty ribbons and tulle in 70″ strands Heavy duty floral wire and wire cutters. Directions: 1. […]

Frostize that Cupboard

Every girl needs a “special” cupboard…hahahaha!  (I think it is where you should hide your stash of chocolate. ) Well, I wrapped my “special” cupboard with foil wrapping paper. It was EASY and it looks so festive. Here is what you need (hot glue gun optional): First, I eye-balled how much paper I would need. […]

Quick and Easy Designer Pumpkin

1. I glittered the stem on my pumpkin with Mod Podge and glitter…let it dry. 2. Next, I base painted an oval shape with primer/gesso. Let it dry and then I painted beige and white polka dots with craft acrylic paint. 3. I sketched out my initial “L” with chalk on a piece of black […]

Let’s Get Frosty and Make your own CHALKBOARD Paint

Did you know you can make your own custom colored chalkboard paint? Oh boy! My intern, Sara told me all about it. I did some research and learned how to do it from Martha Stewart. I liked her approach…however, you know me, I wanted to try a little something different. Latex paint and acrylic paint […]